Lightspeed, a division of Lime Brokerage

Social Market Analytics (SMA) Partners with Lightspeed, a Division of Lime Brokerage

Real-Time Social Media Sentiment Data is now available for Lightspeed active trading clients


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/03/2019 --Lightspeed, a division of Lime Brokerage and Social Market Analytics (SMA) are pleased to announce a partnership to make SMA's real-time securities data available for Lightspeed clients.

Social Market Analytics, a leader in textual data analytics, has developed the ability to analyze social sentiment around securities. This analysis can be viewed by Lightspeed customers using widgets that provide real-time metrics regarding the tone of the conversation and relative Tweet volume from influential accounts on Twitter. This information is categorized by the most positively and negatively talked about securities on Twitter in general, only Twitter accounts that most accurately predict securities up-side or down-side, and live sentiment metrics by a specified symbol.

"We are proud to partner with SMA and extend the opportunity to access predictive social indicators of stocks, sectors, and industries to our customers," said Kevin Ott, Co-President. "This is an opportunity for traders to utilize statistically significant positive and negative data in their everyday trading. We are delighted to offer this value-add to all of Lightspeed clients."

Alternative data such as social media platforms and their data feeds have become a crucial source of information for traders in all asset classes. The SMA widgets will offer sophisticated traders a powerful tool for including social media sentiment data in their trading strategies.

"Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are becoming more ingrained in financial markets. We believe at SMA that our patented process of filtering social media data and developing proprietary metrics will bring a unique perspective and enhance performance. We are thrilled to be offering our market-leading sentiment data to Lightspeed customers," said Joe Gits, Co-Founder, and CEO of SMA.

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About Social Market Analytics, Inc.
Social Market Analytics quantifies social media data for traders, portfolio managers, hedge funds and risk managers using patent-pending technology to detect abnormally positive or negative changes in investor sentiment. SMA produces a family of quantitative metrics, called S-Factors™, designed to capture the signature of financial market sentiment. SMA applies these metrics to data captured from social media sources to estimate sentiment for indices, sectors, and individual securities. A time series of these measurements is produced daily and on intraday time scales. For more information, including a User Guide to S-Factors™, please visit