Social Media Account Makes Up to $50k for "Workaday" Influencer Says CEO

Seeing the windfall in buying popular social media accounts from the digital age’s newest commodity, “the influencer” advertisers create a new market niche.


Malopolska, Poland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2017 --With the lightening speed of the digital age, the term influential properties just broadened its reach. Popular social media accounts are now just that, properties of influence. Seeing the advantage in buying social media accounts, advertisers are monetizing not only what influencers have to say, but how they say it. Creating leverage for themselves by cherry-picking accounts that have a built-in audience wholly interested in their products, they cut to the chase. They also share the wealth and pay up to $50k per account. And why shouldn't they? For the price of a few thousand dollars, they can have a ready customer base all too willing to fork over much-coveted sales.

So, thanks to a little investment and popular websites such as,, or, anyone can get a large social following immediately. Social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Vine with a large following are sold and resold via quotes based on the social account's value. When accepted, sellers receive cash the same day they sell. Buyers take possession of the account and start disseminating their own information on the sly to create brand awareness. This tact quickly turns to the generation of leads, sales, and free advertising. Is it any wonder that big sites like and are constantly on the hunt for these properties.

David Kosiba, the owner of and which is a forum app that acts as a community for buying and selling social properties, said of the new trend, "Once you have a lot of followers, it's easy to get advertisers to take notice of you. All it takes is connecting your popular social account and a simple sign up process. The more desirable your social profile is, the more offers you will receive. One kid that's got eight million fans gets $12,000 for a single Instagram post. Lucrative isn't even the word."

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SKYNET, Inc. was founded in 2010 and is the parent company of ViralAccounts. Registered in Europe, buys and sells established social media accounts to marketing firms and website owners to optimize brand awareness.

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