SocialCatWork App Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Strays


Steinbach am Ziehberg, Austria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/12/2015 --SocialCatWork, an innovative social-based app that helps people take care of stray cats, announced today that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the IndieGogo platform. SocialCatWork enables users to share information about stray cats and use the power of a social network of cat lovers to ensure that stray cats get new homes and the best possible lives. The app was created by Daniel Mayr, a media designer, and Dr. Karina Papp, a veterinarian as a way to improve the current well-intentioned, but often disorganized system of cat rescue.

"We will change this whisker world for the better," said Mayr. "Our vision is to help the cats we love so much while making it easier for shelters, rescue groups and individuals to take part in the process." While Mayr is Austrian and Papp is Hungarian, the project is worldwide in scope. The app will likely launch worldwide in selected countries.

When a SocialCatWork user finds a stray cat, he or she can photograph the cat and upload information about it, such as its perceived age and health, for other users nearby to see. Users in the area can offer to take the cat temporarily or permanently, take it to the vet, and so forth. Anyone who wants to participate in helping strays can do their part. For example, a person who cannot keep a cat at home can still drive the cat to the vet. Others can contribute money to feed a stray, among other help options. The goal is to find each stray cat a new, loving and permanent home. A video created by SocialCatWork is available on YouTube to describe the way the app works in more detail.

The IndieGogo campaign, which will run through 4th of December 2015 to 2nd of February 2016 is intended to raise funds to complete development of the app, take it through the process of placement on major app stores and promote it in launch regions.

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