Socially Conscious Restaurant in Oakland Will Serve Up Second Chances


Oakland, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/23/2017 --Social Entrepreneur, Zorina Price, intends to combine her deep seeded passion for hospitality and community service by offering second chances to vetted nonviolent ex-offenders.

'I believe that Oakland's young men & women are extremely valuable to economic growth & development. Businesses need to be socially conscious and a part of the movement to enhance the quality of life of others. Their life with purpose and value. Seeing the value in people is an incentive for them to become the best versions of themselves.' The project's intention is to create a sustainable alternative to a life iniquity by providing access to economic stability via stable employment. Seeing the value in people is an incentive for them to become the best versions of themselves.

The social and environmental disparity in California has impacted Zorina so deeply that it was the inspiration for her to embark on this entrepreneurial endeavor. Zys_Oakland is also a response to the scarcity of environmentally sustainable vegetarian cuisine in Oakland, the restaurant will partner with reentry based initiatives. As well as organic growers, urban gardens, and greenhouses that are aligned with the values of investing in a restorative and cohesive community.

Price believes, 'It is imperative to strategically align this venture with community organizations, and continue to develop program partnerships to yield reciprocity, collaboration, knowledge exchange, and shared labor.'

With a wealth of experience in the food and beverage industry in Las Vegas, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, Price has the industry knowledge she needs to make Zys_Oakland a success. She has, however, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to support the project coming life. 100% of the funds raised will go directly into the initial startup cost of the restaurant.

To find out more or make a donation, visit the page here:

Oakland is a hub for curious culinary diners, as well as the socially conscious. The East Bay culture is becoming more aware of the benefits of healthier & plant-based lifestyles. Zys_Oakland will source all of its produce and ingredients hyper-locally, minimizing the transport footprint and supporting organic cultivation methods. Local ingredients are fresher in flavor, and higher in nutrient retention. The menu will be seasonally based to reflect California Harvest cycle. Zys_Oakland will showcase versus manipulate the produce, so diners can appreciate how freshly superb vegetables can taste. Everything in the restaurant will be prepared with care, uncomplicated and made completely from scratch.

"I believe there is power in bringing people together over food, serving people, and contributing to the community I am a part of. I hope other people feel the same and will join me in supporting Zys-Oakland by backing and/or sharing my project. Thank you."