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Sofia's Linen Adds Bath Towels, Napkins and Tablecloth Sets to Its Product Lineup for Customers Seeking the Elegance and Health Benefits of 100 Percent Flax Linen

Tagline: Sofia’s Linen, online retailer of pure flax linens, launches a new line of towels, napkins and tablecloth sets — adding to its blankets and bed sheets for those seeing the luxury of the fabric and its advantages for those with skin conditions and allergies.


Glendale, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/27/2014 --Known for its pure flax linen bed sheets and bedding accessories, Sofia’s Linen is proud to add an all-new line of bath towels, napkins and tablecloth sets for those who desire and demand the advantages of linens made from flax.

The new products are available now through the company’s website,, in addition to bed sheets, duvet covers and blankets. All products made by Sofia’s Linen crafted in Europe by masters of their trade, exclusively for the company.

"We’re bringing the same quality that’s won over our customers with our 100 percent, pure flax linen beddings to their bathroom and dining room," Sofia’s Linen spokesperson Armen Gevorgyan said. "Its luxuriousness and benefits for those with medical conditions are unparalleled."

Though the word "linen" is now a blanket term for any kind of bedding, napkin or tablecloth, cotton supplanted flax linen because it was cheaper and easier to produce. However, pure flax linen remains a superior fabric. It absorbs moisture and is antistatic, meaning that it stays cleaner longer and that it doesn’t cling to the body.

In addition, pure flax linen is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, allowing the body to breathe naturally. It is also antimicrobial as well as resistant to stains, moths and abrasions. Flax linen, naturally derived from the flax plant, has also been known to last up to 20 years, does not shrink or stretch if cared for correctly and is biodegradable.

"Flax linen was desired for thousands of years for beddings. We now know that it’s also beneficial for people with skin disorders, allergies, asthma and catarrhal diseases, a condition that inflames the mucous membranes. It also protects against radioactive radon gas. Linen is also used in European spas because it revitalizes the skin and heals the body.

"It’s as desirable for its comfort as it is for its benefits to one’s overall well-being," Gevorgyan added.

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About Sofia’s Linen
Some of the oldest flax linen textiles in the world date back to around 8,000 B.C. and for thousands of years, pure flax linen has been a luxury reserved for royalty. Linen retains a lustrous texture, absorbency, and long-term durability, while offering health advantages. Not only is linen bedding ecologically friendly, it is also antistatic, meaning it remains cleaner for longer periods of time and doesn’t cling to the body like other materials. Sofia’s Linen partnered with one of the oldest and most prestigious manufacturing linen mills in Europe, offering complete and exclusive lines of beddings, table napkins, tablecloth sets and bath towels to its customers. Its products can be found at, and is guaranteed to be shipped (free in the U.S.) within two business days.