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Soft-Story Retrofits in California Are a New Reality

The Costs, Concerns and Construction of seismic retrofits in California


Anaheim, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/13/2017 --Penhall Company's Seismic Services Director Elizabeth Wilson publishes article for upcoming AOA Apartment Owners Association, of California Magazine distribution.

A snip-it from the article reads: California is the golden state that enjoys beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and a bit of a seismic activity complex. Californians wake up all too often to read shocking headlines about earthquake swarms, mega-quakes and inevitable devastation. Given the state's seismic history and the many scientific studies released over the last 3 years it is no big surprise that city agencies have started to focus on loss mitigation by way of regulation.

Cities all over the state are taking action in preparation for the next big shake-up. For example, San Francisco launched a mandatory soft-story retrofit program in 2013 and Los Angeles followed more recently in late 2015.

So the problem was identified and the regulation is put in place, but what next? Property owners of the over 18,000 soft-story buildings in Northern and Southern California are left with loads of questions and concerns.

The biggest question is "How much will it cost to retrofit my building"? 3 years ago the answer to that question was much more ambiguous, but thanks to San Francisco's Department of Building and Inspection, data was released that will shed some light on costs for those still waiting to retrofit.

According to about 7 million dollars in construction costs for retrofits are already completed and with that data comes some helpful averages from San Francisco's current construction boom.

The public information and full data table including street name of San Francisco retrofit costs can be found at

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