Software Company Launches New Updated Version for Popular Flip Book Maker, eFlip Standard


GuangZhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/30/2013 --China Software Company, eFlip Co Ltd has recently released a new and updated version of one of their most popular software eFlip Standard. This eBook software now available for version 3.9.6 has a variety of new and exciting features to make 3D eBook creation even more simple to use and captivating for all audiences.

One of the new features is the Plugins feature. This allows users to edit their flipbook with plug-ins including news scroll bar, photo slideshow, YouTube player, music player, text scroller, etc. Now users can immediately add multimedia objects onto background or frontground in flipping book.

Another amazing feature added to eFlip Standard 3.9.6 is the page edit feature. With this feature, a page thumbnail panel appears on the right side of the software. Here, users can add image files or PDF files as new pages, delete a page and adjust the page order. By adjusting navigation to a simple side bar, this feature becomes drastically more user-friendly allowing users to concentrate on their flipbook creation even further rather than navigation.

The last popular addition to eFlip Standard 3.9.6 is the background feature. Now, a new background panel is on the left side of the software, which allows users to apply graphically stunning backgrounds to their flipbook. Users can also use the online background eFlip Co Ltd released backgrounds and add their own background image to their flipbook.

These three new features make eFlip Standard better than ever and more user friendly than before. eFlip Standard 3.9.6 is available to purchase for all Windows operating systems for $199.

eFlip Standard 3.9.6 also allows users to utilize and customize eBook templates, merge multiple PDFs to a single flipbook, add security features such as passwords, add text readers and personal assistants, utilize Google Analytics, build a digital library, text search, and share with others via multiple social media platforms.

One of the best things about eFlip Standard 3.9.6 is that once purchased, users receive free eFlip product updates for life. For a free 30-day trial, purchase eFlip Standard 3.9.6 or upgrade your previous eFlip Standard version, web users can simply visit today to make the most out of their eBook project.