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Solar Biz Features Grid Tied Inverters in Arizona, California, and New Mexico


Silver City, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2022 --Solar Biz, one of the oldest and most experienced renewable energy equipment companies, is pleased to be able to offer grid-tied inverters to customers in Arizona, California, and New Mexico. They can help give clients the reasons why the inverter is so important to their full solar setup, as well as provide guidance on choosing the right grid-tied inverter for any needs.

So, what do inverters actually do as part of the solar setup? Solar panels produce electricity in the form of direct current or DC. Because most appliances and other devices are designed to use electricity that comes in alternating current, or AC, there needs to be some device that will convert from DC to AC.

But grid-tied inverters actually perform several more key procedures that other inverters do not do. First, these grid-tied inverters are tied to the normal electrical grid, and that means that when the solar panels aren't generating electricity, clients can still use the electricity being generated by the normal electrical grid.

Additionally, any electricity that your solar panels generate that is not used immediately can be moved back onto the normal electrical grid, which means they are selling power back to the power company. This is where the inverter is so important because without it, they can't use that electricity your solar panels generate.

Being connected to the electrical grid is a nice backup so having that grid-tied inverter allows clients to keep this connection. But more than that, it allows them to add a battery bank at a later date if they desire, and the grid-tied inverter can handle it all. During the day when the solar panels are generating more power than they use, instead of selling back to the grid, they can divert that to charging the batteries.

Whatever solar setup clients have or are thinking of installing, the team at Solar Biz can help to get the most out of it. They can give important information about grid-tied inverters and other renewable energy equipment for clients in Arizona, California, and New Mexico.

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