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Solar Comfort Heater Goes Nationwide


Lenexa, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2014 --Solar Comfort Heater goes nationwide!
The Solar Comfort Heater brand was purchased mid 2013 with hopes of eventually taking the product nationwide. “We always believed the local product had much more to offer outside of Kansas City.” John Zupon, Solar Comfort Heater manager. The company believes so much in the product that just a year later they are doing just that…taking it nationwide. The company will boast its patented heat exchange unit, even heat distribution, and consumer to business service approach. While there may be other so-called space heaters on the market, Solar Comfort Heater is literally time-tested and consumer-approved.

“Solar Comfort has been in Kansas City for over 40 years. In that time period, we have had over 75% of our customer base came back for a second unit” says Zupon. With the current customer base consistently sending the company praises regarding the space heater unit, Solar Comfort felt that now is a good time to go big and heat the nation. With the recent “cold weather” reports from national news personalities, Solar Comfort Heater has decided to launch it’s a giveaway. Anyone that purchases a Solar Comfort Heater before October 1st 2014 is entered into a drawing to win another heater for free.

Solar Comfort Heaters may be purchased here

Originally SunTwin; Solar Comfort Heaters have the most proven technology formulated by over 40 years of providing reliable, safe heat. The patented heater exchange unit makes Solar Comfort the most efficient and safest heating unit on the market today. Ask Solar Comfort customers about units they purchased two decades ago, and they’ll tell you how great their unit has performed over the years.

About Solar Comfort Heater
Solar Comfort Heater was introduced in the 1970’s and has had to make very few changes. In fact, to this day, the company displays one of their original working models in the showroom. The Solar Comfort heater brand is known for its time-tested-consumer-approved product. Solar Comfort Heater is currently located in Lenexa, KS operating with the mindset of offering their customers a space heater that will last for many, many years.

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