Solar LITE's Ultra-Light Panel Fits a Whopping 250W of Power Into a Backpack


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/18/2018 --Small enough to fit into a backpack but strong enough to generate the power equivalent of a household socket, the Solar LITE 250W foldable solar panel is set to change the way outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors, remote professional and even disaster relief organizations are powering their projects and efforts.

The Solar LITE 250W foldable solar panel is set to drop on IndieGoGo in the upcoming months but its 6-pound, textbook-sized dimensions have already got backers sitting up and taking notice. And it's no wonder: Solar LITE promises to be "the strongest and lightest portable solar panel in its class", built for all terrains and capable of withstanding all kinds of weather and enviornments.

Durable and flexible, the Solar LITE solar panel spans a generous 54"x44" in size, making it ideal for laying over surfaces like the tops of RVs, boats, campervans, tents, canopies and more. Those eagerly anticipating its release should also take note of the fact that two of these ultra-light companions can be connected together to produce 500W, which is 90+ volts of power or the equivalent of a household socket.

Flexibility is a concept that rests at the very core of Solar LITE's design and preference for user-friendly extensibility. Their patent pending technology incorporates solar industry standar MC4 connector cables. Every Solar LITE panel comes with a MC4 to DC adapter cable. Using the MC4 connectors, users can successfully connect the Solar LITE panel into generators and power banks, right out of the box.

Setup is fast and simple, while the Solar LITE panels themselves are fully weatherproof, making them ideal for a variety of uses, including professionals working in remote locations and local weekend expeditions for beginner campers and outdoorsmen looking to test their grit in natural terrains all over the world. The Solar LITE panel is also a strategic companion, ideal for emergency and disaster relief situations, a kind of first responder on the scene, capable of delivering instant power. This is, after all, founder and CEO Daniel Duerto's eventual vision: a mutual collaboration with various charities and organizations around the world, bringing the flexibility and power of the Solar LITE panel as an invaluable power-grid solution.

For their part, backers are ringing in their vote of confidence as well as their anticipation by investing in the IndieGoGo campaign's various incentive levels. While users looking to get their hands on one of these innovative panels will have to check back for a specific launch date on the pre-launch page, they'll be rewarded for getting in ahead of the crowd. Early backers can purchase the 250W panel for $550, which is a savings of 31% off the MSRP of $799. For the full two-pack panel solution, backers will shell out $999 and receive $50 off each panel. Since the two-pack retails at $1,599, this 33% discount, coupled with the flexible, simple and adventurous design of the Solar LITE panel, makes this a soon-to-be staple for every outdoor kit.