This Solar Technology Is a Must Have for Anyone on the Go

Charge your mobile device anywhere with solar power.


Hangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2015 --In today's ever evolving technical society it is unusual to stumble across a gadget which combines both a practical working tool and performs the necessary task of charging your mobile phone all in synchronised harmony. There is always a form of technology to assist with a single task, but rarely one which offers multiple applications.

About SolarClip
SolarClip, based in China, is a provider of solar powered technology. SolarClip provides solar powered clipboards that are able to charge your mobile devices on the go to.

The SolarClip is a fantastic working clipboard that absorbs solar energy, allowing the user to both charge their mobile phone and store excess energy for later. The recently launched Crowdfunding campaign is hoping to receive backing and support to improve the appearance of the product.

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The SolarClip was designed entirely with it's practical application in mind. Founder and solar-enthusiast Claudia Ye considers the SolarClip the "clipboard of the future" and has a wide demographic of target customers. The SolarClip is ideal for outdoor occupation groups and professionals such as civil contractors, teachers, salespeople, sporting coaches and the like. With the SolarClip the user is able to simultaneously go about their daily outdoor working activities, charge their mobile phone and store excess solar energy for later use.

The SolarClip team carefully considered the solar chargers on the existing market and discovered a need for a more practical device. They improved the concept of solar charging in their second prototype by ensuring that the SolarClip device also included storage capacity for cloud-covered days and for night use. The combination of clipboard and phone charger caters to those who work outdoors, removing the need to carry multiple devices and cords to and around job sites. The SolarClip boasts a 7W solar panel and is both sturdy and waterproof to reinforce it's practicability.

Claudia and the SolarClip team have created their Crowdfunding campaign in the hopes of increasing the use of sustainable power sources such as solar. Most existing solar devices are designed for leisure activities such as camping, hiking and exploring. SolarClip was created for outdoor working activities which in reality, is where the majority of adult time is spent. SolarClip can be used as a regular clipboard to do outdoor work, but with the added bonus of being able to charge the users mobile phone when required. SolarClip also automatically charges it's storage batteries whenever sunlight is available, ensuring that the user is always receiving the maximum output abilities of their SolarClip.

For pledging to SolarClip there are a variety of gifts on offer to thank backers for their support. These include a very handy solar powered LED light, a SolarClip in a standard colour or in a preferred colour and even a personalised SolarClip. A personalized SolarClip is printed with a photo of your supply and would make the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

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