Solutiant, a Leader in Technology Infrastructure, Is Now Offering Cutting-Edge Public Safety DAS

When it comes to reliable indoor cellular enhancements for small to mid-sized structures, Solutiant is unequivocally a pioneer and a well-trusted Cellular Enhancement DAS provider.


Greenville, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2018 --When a disaster strikes a building, the only thing that ensures the safety of people inside is their seamless communication with people outside such as first responders. Without knowing the situation of a building from inside, first responders, including firemen and police officers, cannot take necessary actions with accuracy. During the tragedy of 9/11, firefighters and police officers were not able to communicate properly inside the World Trade Center due to disrupted communication channels which led to so many casualties. Since then, NFPA and IFC fire codes made it mandatory for every building to have an enhanced communication system utilizing Public Safety DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems). This is the reason that Solutiant now provides top-notch Public Safety Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) DAS and Indoor Cellular DAS systems.

The Public Safety DAS systems by Solutiant are fully compatible with FirstNetTM which ensures unbroken communication for first responders when other modes of communication fail. The systems are highly scalable, fully trusted by professionals and are in compliance with the first responder radio coverage requirements. A key point about the Public Safety BDA DAS systems by Solutiant is that they are fully approved by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and fire professionals which ensures full working efficiency during an emergency. Solutiant is registered with the Federal Communications Commission and uses its own manufacturer trained and certified technicians for the testing and installation of Public Safety BDA DAS systems.

When it comes to reliable indoor cellular enhancements for small to mid-sized structures, Solutiant is unequivocally a pioneer and a well-trusted Cellular Enhancement DAS provider. Their team works closely with their clients to develop a customized solution based on the building management requirements and conditions of the site. They even serve as the representative of their clients in different related trades to ensure the best solutions. Furthermore, they utilize tools like AutoCAD and iBwave for the customized designing of the systems to get devices exclusively designed for a specific building.

Solutiant gives paramount priority to its clients and provides the best possible wireless communications for first responders. Their methods of designing, installing and testing the systems are foolproof, so their systems work with 100% efficiency in case of any disastrous event. This is possible due to their ability to go above and beyond to provide reliable communication systems when all others fail.

"What we are doing here at Solutiant is not anything less than working towards saving the lives of people. Because in the end, it is reliable communications that reduces the number of fatalities and ensures the safety of the public and our first responders."

-Billy Rogers (Vice President/Owner)

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Solutiant, a division of TELECO, is an industry leader in technology infrastructure. Their mission is to be a trusted business solution partner providing true managed service solutions that align with the vision of their customers. Since 1981, they have been providing sales, installation and maintenance of business communication systems. Today, Solutiant offers Cellular & Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems, Unified Communications as a Service, Business Phone Systems, TELECO's Perfect ViewTM Video Surveillance and Building Access Control, Structured Cabling, and Managed IT Services, as well as various other business-related communication services.