Commission Express

Solving Realtors Monetary Problems

Commission Express is a company that gives Realtors commission advances to boost their business, before they are paid for selling houses.


Fairfax, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2016 --At times Realtors need extra cash flow and using commission advances can boost their businesses. Commission Express is the best company that Realtors can get this kind of advantage at. So, if a real estate agent needs their services, visit Commission Express offices, and they will offer a deal of a lifetime. They have their offices located in strategic areas which make it very convenient to get them.

Commission Express understands that real estate business is thriving throughout the country and, as such, they are available country wide. They have an automated system that enables them to trace Realtors and determine the amount of money each real estate agent qualifies for. The better a Realtor is at their work, the more the amount that they qualify to get.

To get the advance, a Realtor does not have to go to their offices, instead, can simply apply online. Commission Express offers a 30 day grace period should there be any unforeseen delays. Commission Express makes sure that a business has constant cash flow so that the owner does not have to close shop for lack of money. They will help the Realtor to sustain their business to a point where they no longer rely on advances to be in business. Once the real estate agent has made the application, Commission Express will deposit it in their account within the same day or two days at the latest. Being assured of their support all the time, the Realtor can now be able to focus on selling more homes and not when they will be paid. This gives Realtors the peace of mind and the morale to work harder. Commission Express also provides Realtors with cash management tools that they much need for their success.

Below are some of the exclusive services Realtors enjoy at Commission Express that is not available in other credit institutions: Clients get a personalized service. This means that the Realtor gets what they want, how they want it, and when they want. Real estate agent gets the money in less than two business days which is very convenient especially if they needed it urgently. In most cases, Realtors get the money that they apply for and when they apply for it, meaning Commission Express are very efficient and convenient.

Realtors also acquire diverse and crucial knowledge from Commission Express including how to control cash flow and not cash flow controlling them, make profitable cash flow management, how to properly manage monthly income, how to always strive at having a high credit rating since the higher the rating, the more the Realtor qualify for. Real estate agent learns how to be able to advertise and market confidently, since they know someone has their back. Commission Express understands that it is only with good cash flow that the realtor's business is going to thrive. This is the reason why they offer advances which will help Realtors boost their business.

About Commission Express
Founded in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in 1992 by two highly experienced real estate brokers who, after managing offices and owning their own companies, recognized that agents and brokers needed a reliable solution to their cash flow problems. Their goal was to put their experience to work helping other real estate professionals build their businesses and achieve their dreams. Commission Express National, Inc. is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia and is recognized as the only franchised real estate commission advance service provider in the country.

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