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Somn Luxury Linen Bedding Store Provides Care Guide on Keeping Linens Fresh

Luxury bedding makers in Vancouver share how the right care can keep linens feeling soft and cozy


North Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/13/2020 --Sömn Home, the makers of luxury linen in Vancouver have recently published an article on how to prolong the life of high-quality home fabrics. For more, go to https://somnhome.com/blogs/journal/linen-care-guide-how-to-keep-your-linen-fabrics-fresh#

Linen, made from the fibres of the flax plant, has been used as a textile for thousands of years. It has recently increased in popularity as people are searching for natural, high-quality fabrics for the home.

Proper care will keep linen sheets soft and cozy for years to come. In fact, with the right care, linen becomes more soft and absorbent after every wash.

Here are some tips for suggested linen care to help keep your linen bed sheets fresh.

When linen is woven into bedding fabrics, it is also specially treated so it can be machine or hand washed. Linen bed sheets don't require dry-cleaning, however if you do have linen clothes or garments, dry cleaning is often recommended for those. When using a household washing machine, wash linen bedding in lukewarm or cold water as part of the linen care routine. If possible, use soft water and a mild detergent to keep the fabric fibres softer.

To dry, opt for a low-temperature tumble dry. By removing the fabric before it's fully dry and hanging it, the linen won't become stiff.

Is Ironing Necessary?
Linen naturally has ruffles and creases and they contribute to its softness. There is no need to iron linen fabrics. If you choose to iron, do so using medium-hot temperatures on steam setting while the fabric is still mildly damp.

How Should Linen Be Stored?
There are generally two choices for storing linen bed fabrics: hang or store flat. Wherever you choose, ensure its a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. For longer-term storage, opt for an acid-free tissue paper between the folds (not regular tissue paper as it can stain white linens). Tissue paper will soften any fold creases, which eventually weaken fibers.

Don't be tempted to store linen bed fabrics in bathrooms because the moist, warmer environments will lead to mildew. Linens can also be stored with scented sachets (if it's a white sachet to avoid staining).

All linens from Sömn come with washing instructions, so please check the label and follow the care instructions for the best results. Linen fabrics are easy to care for and are great for supporting a good night's rest. If luxury linen bedding on is the wish-list, Somn offers superior home textiles for the discerning customer.

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Sömn advocates mindful living using natural materials for everyday comfort. Their mission is to make wellness obsessed home textiles widely available for the engaged, discerning clientele without the compromise of comfort, price, and ethics.

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