Soothi: Style with Substance Launched to Supply Marketplace with Eco-Friendly Accessories via Women's Entrepreneurship in India

Committed to the well-being of underprivileged women artists in India, Soothi | Style With Substance offers eco-friendly accessories and gives consumers worldwide a stake in the advancement of others.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2014 --Founded in 2013 by Krittika Khandelwal to help women in India, Soothi Style With Substance brings a new approach to socially conscience fashion. By implementing a manufacturing system that empowers and educates women, Soothi not only provides a platform for underprivileged artists, it creates a source of income for them as well. With the betterment of others top of mind, the company’s product line is made almost entirely by women in India. Some of these women would ordinarily not be allowed to support their families financially outside the home.

Khandelwal said of the company’s social impact, “With Soothi I want to show how art can, very practically, be combined with conscious efforts that will help move societies and individuals forward. I want to create an ideology that encourages women to believe that they are equal to their male counterparts and crucial members of society.”

By providing a platform for women that allows an entrepreneurial advantage they wouldn’t normally have, the company brings a level freedom and creativity to their lifestyles. Soothi reinvests a percentage of their profits into developing communities in India by offering micro-financing loans to the women entrepreneurs that the company supports. By giving the women of India a financial advantage up front, they are able to make the products and sell them back to Soothi for a profit. This allows a level of creativity, self-esteem and empowerment to certain groups of women that are normally discouraged from working in their societies.

Soothi provides trendy women’s accessories for fashion and home made solely from eco-friendly, natural, recycled resources. At present the socially conscious consumer products company offers a wide range of jewelry, belts and key chains and will soon expand to a line of scarves, purses and stationary within the year.

About Soothi Style With Substance
Soothi Style With Substance is based in Atlanta, Georgia and was founded in 2013 by Krittika Khandelwal to provide the marketplace with unique, handmade accessories and stationary. All Soothi’s products are created by emerging women artists in India who, with the help of the company, provide a source of income for themselves and their families.

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