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Soul Art Studio Acrylic Paint Set Rated Hot New Release by Amazon

The Soul Art Studio Acrylic Paint 12 X 12ml Art Set has been ranked as number two in hot new releases as their five-star reviews continue to build up. The paint set is- Suitable for beginners, Students & Artists. - High-Grade Genuine Pigments Acrylic Paint Set - NonToxic Acrylic Paint - 100% Money Back Guarantee


Annapolis, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2016 --An acrylic paint set has been rated as a hot new release on Amazon. The Soul Art Studio Acrylic Paint Set has continued to receive five-star reviews since its launch on the biggest online shopping platform. With the popularity of the Acrylic Paint Set and its continued five-star reviews, it has been ranked as the number 2 hot seller.

The Soul Art Studio Acrylic Paint 12 X 12ml Art Set, which comes with a full guarantee, is a perfect buy for beginners who want to try out their brush strokes and create a piece of art. It has 12 colors that dry before the artwork has been finished. With the quality of the art set and the acrylic paint, it can be used on paper, wood, or canvas. It is safe to be used by children, providing parents and children quality time together creating pictures and using the art set to create masks, decorations, and fun art projects. With the large range of colors available, children can use their imagination to express themselves.

The number 2 hot seller Acrylic Paint Set ( is also a favorite purchase by professional artists who are looking for a high-quality art set at a low price. Professional artists can use the product to create magical art, which they can then sell to their customers. The art set, which does not compromise on quality is currently priced at $7.99 with free shipping on orders over $35.

The five star reviews include a review from Elizabeth who said:

"This is one of the nicest Acrylic paint sets I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Soul art studio, the maker, has done an excellent job. The colors are vibrant, and the tubes are completely filled. In the past with other brands I will not mention, they had large air bubbles in them, and I was not getting the weighed amount, not so with this brand. They did NOT arrive quickly, but that was due to natural disasters in our countries weather and could not be helped by anyone. The drying time for this paint is about an hour. I imagine that will vary due to the thickness of paint used. I could find no flaws or defects with this set and can with my head held high recommend this to everyone."

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About Soul Art Studio Acrylic Paint Set
UNLEASH YOUR INNER SOUL ARTIST - This art set from Soul Art Studio enables beginners and experienced artists alike to create magical art on paper, wood or canvas

PAINT TO PERFECTION ON PAPER OR CANVAS - Some acrylic paints seems to dry before you've finished your art; Soul Art Studio's acrylic paint set has been designed and prepared to achieve premium acrylic painting results

ART SET WITH SUPREME QUALITY COLORS - These premium 12 colors (12x12ml E/0.4 US.fl.oz) provided in this acrylic paint set enable you complete flexibility in capturing your soul on canvas. These core colors open up the imagination for eager beginners or professional artists. Supreme coverage while maintaining the flexibility you desire, that is why we are leading the way in acrylic painting