Soultainment Begins National Talent Search: Compensating Compassionate & Courageous Facilitators Six Times the National Minimum Wage

Soultainment begins their national talent search campaign to fill opportunities they have in major cities across the USA due to their explosive growth


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2016 --Soultainment begins their national talent search campaign to fill opportunities they have in major cities across the USA due to their explosive growth.

"We're not using traditional resumes or background experience to find talent. Instead, we're looking to hire people that are compassionate, courageous, and value people. We have a creative interview process to uncover those traits, " states Matthew Brough, a Soultaintment founder. "Once we find a good fit, we provide them with Soultainment Facilitator training then compensate them $50 an hour."

Unlike other entertainment, which can have participants sitting back and watching, Soultainment guests go on a continuous, joyous roller coaster of stimulation and involvement.The audience doesn't just sit back and watch - they become the entertainment. Soultainment provides a fun, easy, and cost effective way to deliver amazing entertainment to guests of any age, gender and nationality.

Soultainment combines singing, music, movement, acting,and props into improvisational solo, partner, and group activities©. Soultainment activities are customized for the number of participants, location size, time, and physical level of participants. Soultainment activities are designed to stimulate the minds and bodies of every participant while they have fun, non-stop laughter and an experience they'll never forget.

Soutlainment was originally started as a corporate leadership development program at Sabre Holdings in Westlake, Texas. The purpose was to expand employees' comfort zones, boost corporate morale and raise employee engagement. The company's HR department approved Fulltential amidst having over 70 nationalities represented. It was a huge success and experienced explosive growth. Piggybacking off Fulltential's success, the founder created Soultainment as a way to offer it beyond the corporate world.

"Not only is Soultainment an awesome form of entertainment, its participants grow too. As the participants do Soultainment activities, not only are they having fun and creating lasting memories, they're expanding their comfort zones," states Mala, a Soultianment founder. Soultainment can be offered in a variety of venues; such as, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, schools, graduation parties, bachelor & wedding parties, churches, businesses and even MBA programs. "We've seen exceptional Soultainment growth in facilities that provide entertainment to seniors citizens," replies Mala.

"Beyond our current demand for Soultainment Facilitators in major cities, we have some major deals we're working on with hotel chains, Fortune 100 companies and cruise lines. We need to be ready to provide them with Soultiament Certified Faciliators at a moment's notice," states the founders of Soultainment.

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