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Sound Media Turns to Powersoft to Power '70s Rock Concert at Pompano Beach Amphitheater

Powersoft K Series and X Series Amplifiers Ensure Efficiency and High-Quality Sound During Firefall, Poco & Pure Prairie League Concert


Camarillo, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2017 --An avid user of Powersoft amplifiers since 2009, Lennox Foster, president of Sound Media, turned to the brand when he needed the right amplifiers to power 1970s rock bands Firefall, Poco and Pure Prairie League during a concert at Pompano Beach Amphitheater in South Florida on July 15. His company, a full-service audio, lighting and AV rental production business based in Hollywood, Florida, has been using Powersoft's equipment for nearly a decade, and when Foster took on the job, he knew Powersoft's X Series and K Series amplifiers would be the only fit.

"The X Series and K Series amps sound great, have extremely smooth response and are very efficient," Foster said. "Plus, they can run on any power source available. We like the X Series in particular because in our warehouse we don't carry three-phase power. But with the Powersoft amps, we can set up and configure 120 and 220 until we get to shows that have three-phase power. Using Powersoft amps, we can arrange the racks to suit our needs."

In addition to installing a temporary P.A. system and the lights required for the performance, Sound Media powered the performance using a range of Powersoft amps, including 12 Powersoft X4 amplifiers, 18 Powersoft K2 amplifiers and 6 Powersoft K10 amplifiers — all placed at stage left.

"The X Series and K Series units we chose are very efficient and really helped us reach our power requirements for the show," Foster said. "One of the things that we pride ourselves on is our ability to leave less of an energy footprint. The current low power draw on the amplifiers is phenomenal — it's extremely efficient. So, from a single-power source we can now power many more Powersoft amplifiers."

Alleviating Reverberation Challenges

Due to its outdoor nature, Foster said the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre is very reflective. However, by choosing Powersoft amplifiers with DSP processing on every channel, the unit's features and unrivalled clarity helped address the unwanted reverberations.

"Also, by having the capability to have processing on every channel of the amp, we could achieve power shading easily," Foster shared. "Powersoft amplifiers help us to manipulate the sound with more granularity and precision."

Space Savers

In addition to their clarity and efficiency, Foster said the small footprint of the X Series and K Series amplifiers makes them a no-brainer.

"The single-rack space design is excellent and with their power density you can get a lot of amplifier in small places," Foster said. "Some of these venues don't always have the accommodations for larger racks so the denser your power source the better you can fit into spaces which of course all production managers love."

For more information on the Powersoft X series, please visit http://www.powersoft-audio.com/en/touring/x-series.

For more information on the Powersoft K series, please visit http://www.powersoft-audio.com/en/touring/k-series.

For more information on Sound Media, please visit http://www.soundmediaone.com/.

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