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Sovereign Health Enhances Intensive Family Program

San Clemente facility initiates advanced program with plan to extend to all Sovereign locations


San Clemente, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/05/2014 --Sovereign Health Group inaugurated their Intensive Family Program at the beginning of 2014 and has expanded its' program elements and weekend events to occur bi-monthly to reach more patients and their families. Initiating the commencement of the program at Sovereign's headquarters in San Clemente, the rehabilitation treatment provider plans to broaden the program's reach to all locations across the United States in the near future.

The Intensive Family Program was founded with the goal to provide current patients and their family members the tools to administer a healthy support system and plan within the unit, and allow further involvement in their loved one's recovery to improve overall wellbeing. Sovereign's program educates the family about the conditions affecting the patient while being able to spend quality visitation time during therapy sessions and other events.

"The Intensive Family Program is a key addition to Sovereign's treatment structure," said Dr. Patrick Aleknavicius, Group Clinical Director at Sovereign Health. "It creates an opportunity to add another layer of accountability, support and insight into the patient's time spent in treatment."

The rehabilitation process of a family member coping with an addiction and/or a mental health disorder is a journey that the family unit is also a part of, and Sovereign's Intensive Family Program utilizes family therapy techniques to alleviate confusion and anxiety surrounding the patient's recovery. Families will learn to recognize past behaviors and new approaches to shape them in a supportive manner to promote healing, and help to develop stronger relationships between one another.

"The Intensive Family Program is an opportunity for families to get together and increase educational awareness on matters related to mental health and dual diagnosis concerns," said Aleknavicius. "It will begin the process of mending while building or strengthening core relationships to support long-term improvement. The program is a structured way for families to reconnect with their loved one, find new ways to adjust behavioral habits once their loved one returns home and have a chance to gain some insight into the intense work being done in treatment."

The weekend's events also include guest speakers, group discussions, activities to help build communication skills and a closing survey.

Adding this vital service at all of Sovereign Health's locations allows the treatment provider to reach more demographics and teach needed support to all parties involved in the patient's recovery.

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