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Sovereign Health Opens the Doors of a New Adolescent Program


San Clemente, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/22/2014 --On Monday, July 28th, 2014, Sovereign Health Group will be opening the doors of their new Rancho San Diego Adolescent Treatment Program, designed for both male and female adolescents between the ages of 12 to 17.

Sovereign’s new Adolescent Program features treatment for Substance Abuse, Mental Health issues and coexisting conditions, also known as Dual Diagnosis. The RSD Adolescent Program offers gender separate housing to its patients along with gender specific programming and patients are under 24-hour supervision. Additionally, patients are given a menu that is dietician approved and all medication is safely managed by a multidisciplinary staff.

All adolescents who enter the program will have an individualized treatment plan to best help them with their recovery. In order to do this, the program provides both a psychiatric consultation and, if necessary, a substance abuse assessment to determine which aspects of the program will work best for each individual patient. The treatment program will utilize multiple elements including substance abuse counseling, therapy, classes, outdoor and extracurricular activities and aftercare planning to help prevent relapse.

RSD Adolescent Program provides both process group therapy and cognitive behavioral individual therapy to its patients along with alternative art and equine therapies, and therapies for stress reduction techniques such as yoga and mindfulness. Patients will be given classes on Anger Management & Social Skills and Goal Setting & Teaching of Life Skills. Outdoor activities include swimming, volleyball, baseball and basketball and additional extracurricular activities include hiking, beach visits and more.

Because Sovereign understands that life does not halt when an adolescent makes the important and necessary step towards recovery they offer an individualized school program to help them keep up. The Adolescent Program is partnered with Advantages School International, a fully accredited K-12 online curriculum. This provides patients with the opportunity to continue their education while in recovery with the added benefits of credit recovery and additional supplemental courses. The RSD Adolescent Program also provides its patients with laptops, tutoring, help with study skills, and an on-site teacher.

In addition, the program will provide intensive family therapy and parenting classes in order to help not only their adolescent patients but their families through this transition in their lives. Sovereign also offers Aftercare Planning for adolescents and their families in order to help patients continue their recovery, prevent a possible relapse, and continue to give needed support to the families of their patients.

A multidisciplinary staff is on hand at the RSD Adolescent program including therapists, substance abuse counselors, psychiatrists, a medical doctor and an on-site teacher. As for cost, the program will take most major insurance plans with private pay options open to those admitting their adolescent.

For more information on Sovereign’s Adolescent programs or on admissions please visit their website at

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Sovereign Health Group has multiple treatment locations for adults and adolescents with its headquarters based in San Clemente, California. We offer assessment, diagnosis and treatments for addiction, mental health issues, and coexisting conditions or Dual Diagnosis in order to create a path to recovery and prevent relapse. Our patients are given caring, compassionate and confidential treatment by our wonderful team of doctors, psychiatrists, therapists and counselors. We educate our patients and their families on their addictions, conditions, and recovery because we know that understanding is the beginning of recovery.