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Sovereign Health to Sponsor Florida Public Safety Institute Events

In partnership with law enforcement during September and October


Fort Myers, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2015 --Sovereign Health Group will be sponsoring two events hosted by the Florida Public Safety Institute:

September 13 to 18 - The 8th Annual Bloodhound Scent Tracking Seminar - The Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy and the Jimmy Ryce Foundation conduct this program to enhance the ability of law enforcement officers and their canine partners to recover missing persons. For this exclusive gathering, Sovereign Health will distribute T-shirts to attendees. Those who wish to participate must contact Hayley Hebrock or Toni Hover via email or call 850-201-7063 to register.

October 4 to 9 - The 7th Annual Instructor Training Seminar - This seminar invites officers across the U.S. to further enhance their leadership, training scenario development and advanced presentation skills among other practical abilities in the field. In addition to a vendor table, the event will feature talks from Sovereign Health's Florida-based staff.

Speakers include Audrey Smith, Esq., Sovereign's senior legal counsel and Brad Paley, LCSW, the company's clinical director at its Pompano Beach facility. The two aim to draw distinctions between people claiming superior citizen status as a political right versus those claiming the status under the influence of a delusional or behavioral problem. According to Smith, mental illness contributes to the prevalence of missing individuals as well.

"We regularly have news of senior citizens that go missing due to mental health issues. Overall, our goal is to build a strong relationship with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and become their go-to organization for behavioral and mental health matters," said Smith.

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