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Sovereign Hosts Unique C.E. Events for February

Sovereign to feature presentations on new treatments for children, adolescents and couples in the Southern California area


San Clemente, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/09/2015 --Sovereign Health will be hosting C.E. events in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego throughout the month of February, once again offering local mental health and addiction professionals an opportunity for networking and education.

The first event will feature Victoria Morgan and Michelle Robinson presenting on "Children and the Disease of Addiction" on Tuesday, February 10th at Sovereign's Rancho San Diego facility. The one hour seminar will focus on Bis Kids (Believe in Success Kids), an evidence-based prevention program against substance use. Designed as an interactive two day workshop for children 7 to 12 years of age, the program employs age-appropriate language and an edutainment model that uses games, prizes, music and art, seeking to educate children about addiction and the life skills needed to overcome adversity. Bis Kids makes unique use of psychoeducational information and fun, encouraging children to create a path to wellbeing.

Taking place on Wednesday, February 11th at Sovereign's headquarters in San Clemente is "Plural Recovery: Evidence-Based Relapse Prevention for Couples," presented by Dr. Bob Weathers and Colleen Kelly. The event will focus on attachment injuries and relationship trauma. The presenters will help attendees understand the limited ability of the addicted brain to successfully navigate relationships as well as the process that their significant other undergoes in the first year of recovery.

"Even after having establishing a solid foundation in recovery, one of the primary stressors leading to relapse in the recovering addict is relational conflict," said Dr. Bob Weathers. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with couples provides an evidence-based treatment approach for healing relationship wounds. Applied here to longer-term addiction treatment and relapse prevention, EFT provides a roadmap to plural recovery by engaging both the recovering addict and his/her significant other."

Lastly, Michael Oden will be presenting on "Anger Management for Teens Dealing with Resentment and Abandonment Issues" on Thursday, February 12th at Sovereign's Culver City location. Helping attendees understand how certain family dynamics impact anger and aggressive behavior, he will discuss how emotional needs that are not met early on can affect behavior and how anger can be used as an indicator of them.

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Visit the following links to register for any of February's events: the 10th's presentation on "Children and the Disease of Addiction," the 11th's "Plural Recovery: Evidence-Based Relapse Prevention for Couples" or the 12th's "Anger Management for Teens Dealing with Resentment and Abandonment Issues."

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