Space of the Art Announces Opportunity to Collect Playing Cards That Have Been to the Edge of Space and Back


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2017 --Space of the Art (SOA) is offering a limited number of contributors a unique opportunity to watch a trip to the edge of space on video and have a selfie taken with the stratosphere in the background. The campaign is called SpaceDeck because each person will also receive an exclusively crafted, highly collectable pack of playing cards that have been to the edge of space, on the actual space journey that they witness.

During the flight to Near Space, each backer will see their picture appear on the screen, one by one, with the spectacular sight of the curvature of the earth and the black sky in the background. When the flight is over, they will receive a pack of playing cards that have been on the journey. The Joker of the pack will have a QR code embedded within in it. Scanning the QR code will enable the participant to access the video and share their selfie, over and over again.

SpaceDeck is the first campaign from the global initiative, Space of the Art, who seek to raise awareness of the future of space transportation and contribute to its funding to make it a reality. The campaign will be launched on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to allow the public to contribute to the funding of the possibility of space tourism and therefore become part of a community of pioneers that build a sustainable, commercial space industry.

In an industry that is generally reserved for governments and billionaires, Space of the Art aims to make space travel and exploration more accessible to the public by creating beautiful, affordable products and experiences. SpaceDeck will bring together space aviation pioneers, Zero 2 Infinity, and world-renowned playing card label, Legends Playing Cards.

"This project has a feeling of exploration about it - and there's definitely a fun factor associated with getting something to space and back again for the sheer pleasure of it, rather than as a byproduct of some government program," said Leo McHugh, Space Treasure Officer. "Zero 2 Infinity flight providers are developing the materials and working on flight logistics, but the biggest hurdle in the way of the project is financial. We hope that bringing crowdfunding to the funding mix will contribute and accelerate the project to enable it to be the exhilarating success it deserves to be," adds Loic Alliez, Founder and Space Treasure Executive.