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Spar, Delhaize Ahold Making Waves with Reflective Colouring Shopping Bags


Zhuhai, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2018 --Spar Lambrecht and Delhaize Ahold are getting the attention they deserve, and for a good reason. Both companies were recognized as Retailers with a Sustainable and Educative Vision for promoting sustainability and road safety. Moreover, they are encouraging the young to eat healthy. Their coloring reflective shopping bags were manufactured by The ODM Group.

Spar is the home of independent food retailers in the world, and in their latest project, they took the opportunity to raise awareness about sustainability and road safety with their Easter-themed shopping bags.

On the other hand, Delhaize Ahold highlighted the importance of eating nutritious food while also promoting road safety. The company advocates sustainable retailing, pushing for food waste reduction, product safety and sustainability, creating a healthy and safe workplace as well as minimizing the impact of plastic waste in the environment.

The additional safety feature of reflective trims helps keep pedestrians safe from potential road accidents. According to Olivier Van Mighem, the inventor of the reflective shopping bag, it will make the shopper visible from 100 meters, which means drivers will be able to slow down before it's too late. He also noted that due to inclement weather, "40% of road accidents happen in the winter between 16 h and 19 h."

For business owners, these bags provide long-lasting advertising exposure. Spar and Delhaize Ahold were able to communicate their goal of helping create a "Safer Future" with reusable reflective trim bags in a fun and engaging way.

Spar released kid-friendly, Easter-themed shopping bags, just in time for the Easter celebration. Delhaize Ahold bags feature have silk-screen printed vegetable and fruit illustrations on the front and colorful fruits and veggies design on the gusset sides. The designs reflect their core mission of encouraging kids to eat locally-produced and nutritious food every day. Each shopping bag also comes with crayons. Truly innovative, it can help stimulate kid's creativity and keep them busy while parents shop.

Aside from safety and marketing benefits, reducing the environment impact of plastic is another reason to use a reusable reflective shopping bag.

Unlike single-use plastic bags, these bags are reusable because they are made from non woven PP fabric, which is durable and 100% recyclable. Moreover, since more and more retail stores are charging customers for plastic bags they get from the store, reflective bags can help shoppers save more.

Eco-friendly, sustainable, and economical, they prove to be the best substitute to plastic shopping bags. For more information about patented reflective bags, you can check out their website.

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