SPARTAN Boxer Briefs – Protecting Your Manhood



Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/12/2015 --Boxer briefs have been a men's fashion icon since the 2007 Georgio Armani advertising campaign featuring David 'Becks' Beckham which successfully skyrocketed men's designer underwear to tremendously popular new heights. Beyond the Beckham name there is a revolutionary new concept in undergarments for the precious male appendage and its accomplices. Introducing Spartan Boxer Briefs, the impressive new concept that combines not only impeccably stylish design but also astonishing modern technology to protect the wearer from harmful radiation emitted by cell-phones.

Spartan founders have recently launched their Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to raise the funds necessary to spread men's health and fertility awareness and to bring their incredible product to the public market. Early birds can take advantage of the 3 Pack for $100.

SPARTAN Boxer Briefs are raising the standard of men's underwear with high quality French design features for ultimate comfort and an exceptional fit and have been tested and certified by the Langevin Institute, a leading laboratory in the physics of waves and imaging, and they effectively block over 99% of all cellular and wifi radiation from reaching your genitals.

The detail within the fabric alone contains antibacterial properties for superior freshness all day. SPARTAN Boxer Brief's point of difference and truly unique feature is the protective design technology.

The carefully designed fabric blocks more than 99% of harmful cell phone and wi-fi radiation by drastically reducing the negative effects that these emissions can cause.

The alarming statistics surrounding men's fertility have prompted SPARTAN founders to investigate methods of protecting their vital manhood. Studies show that cellular radiation and wi-fi emissions are reducing sperm count by up to half as well as sperm motility and viability by up to a third. Additionally over half of the remaining sperm experience abnormal DNA structure and morphology. There is also increasing evidence that wireless device radiation has toxic genetic effects on nearby cells, which could potentially increase the risk of testicular cancer.

Confronting this frightening reality, CEO and co-founder Arthur Menard is passionate and determined to bring Spartan Boxer Briefs to the public market. It is common for cell phones to be placed in clothing hip pockets when not in use and rather than try to change the habits of modern society, Spartan have simply put protective measures in place utilising an everyday essential clothing item.

Arthur and his business partner Pierre-Louis boast impressive scholarly backgrounds in engineering and business and through their collaboration the SPARTAN Boxer Brief mission began. Arthur states "Even knowing the adverse effect cellphone radiation has… we kept carrying our cellphone in our hip pocket…it is the most convenient place to keep them… We wanted to be safe but we didn't want to have to change any of our habits – That's why we created the SPARTAN Boxer Brief."

Discover the Spartan Boxer Briefs today by following the below link to their Indiegogo campaign: