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Special Offer Season for GVS Smart Touch Panel Is Continuing


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2020 --On March 16, 2020, GVS officially launched the promotion campaign for the smart touch panel, which meets the rock-bottom price in history. What really happened is that now you can imagine replace your push buttons into KNX Touch Panels without paying much extra price.

The GVS Smart Touch Panel (Ultra-thin) series has been released for many years and fully tested by the market. Its product stability and practicality are widely and highly praised by their users.

If you ever are interested in these touch panels, call GVS or drop a line!

With its modern factory, GVS is confident of its competitive advantage in production. The smart touch panel (ultra-thin) is G + F + F double-layer five-point touch with thickness only 7mm, which outstands among its competitors in the market.

Many people must have such bad experience of clicking a wrong position due to slightly tilt the angle of the panel when the try tap the screen icon. However, equipped with a color IPS capacitive touch screen, such thing will not happen to GVS touch panels.

The IPS capacitive touch screen is effectively conducive to reduce the deviation from the perspective. Even under the angle of strabismus, the screen information on the screen is still bright and clear, giving a stunning visual experience.

During this special offer season, there are two products with huge discounts, namely the 3.5-inch intelligent touch panel and the 5-inch touch panel.

The 3.5-inch smart touch panel
The 3.5-inch smart touch panel can intelligently control living space lights, electric curtains, temperature, and humidity through remote control, mobile phone remote, local computer, and other methods. Generally speaking, users can control the most commonly used lights and curtains in life through the button panel. Nevertheless, this KNX smart touch panel can intelligently adjust the color temperature of the light.

The GVS 5-inch touch panel
The GVS 5-inch touch panel has multiple functions, supporting proximity sensing, lock screen, screen saver, etc. It can also display the detected air quality index and energy monitoring data on the screen. What's more, it has a built-in temperature sensor to detect the local ambient temperature, which is very suitable for home and commercial use.

Unlike other smart touch panels, this product supports multiple UI style displays and interface interaction methods, which are simple and easy to use. Besides, it can import customized background images, electronic albums, page icons, and function icons per user's preferences.

During the promotion, in addition to enjoying the best price, consumers can also enjoy free replacement products and high-quality after-sales service, this is a revolutionary move in the smart home industry. So why not move up and get one touch panel and make your home look smarter?

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