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SpeedLine Introduces SpeedDine Online Ordering Service


Abbotsford, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/19/2018 --Pizza and delivery point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions Inc. launched a new online ordering service at the 2018 International Pizza Expo today for restaurants with SpeedLine point of sale.

The first service built on a new cloud platform employing Amazon Web Services for speed, security, and reliable performance, SpeedDine delivers a responsive mobile ordering experience, live price updates, and a fast, low-barrier ordering experience.

"Speed drives sales online," SpeedLine President and CEO John de Wolde notes, citing research from Google and other online companies showing that slow loading times on ecommerce sites significantly reduce order conversions.

With the prevalence of online shopping with sites like Amazon or iTunes, de Wolde says, "the average restaurant customer expects a much higher level of speed and convenience online."

"Restaurant customers no longer have the patience for a slow or confusing site," he adds, "especially on a mobile device. SpeedDine delivers a mobile experience that meets their demands for convenience and service."

Because SpeedDine is a core piece of the SpeedLine platform, restaurant owners spend less time managing the site and gain new capabilities with each release.

Designed in consultation with user experience experts, the order flow guides customers through the order and checkout, and increases order value with package deals. Customers are not forced to create an account or remember a password, and can access the site from any computer, tablet, or phone—or through a convenient iPhone or Android app.

Live updates ensure online pricing and coupons always match the point of sale, so there are no discrepancies to cause confusion at pickup or delivery time.

SpeedDine reorders are fast and convenient, and pick-up and delivery times stay in sync with kitchen volume at the selected restaurant location. In addition, online payment is easy and secure, with tokenized payment to minimize the restaurant's PCI scope and risk.

A proponent of open restaurant systems, SpeedLine will continue to support third-party online ordering services in addition to the new SpeedDine service. SpeedLine users may opt to use any of the company's existing network of web and mobile ordering partners or to integrate a custom ordering site with the point of sale.

The SpeedDine ordering system will also work in harmony with third-party mobile apps and restaurant companies' existing integrations with third-party ordering apps and aggregators.

"We recognize how critical the online ordering experience has become for our restaurant clients," comments de Wolde. "The customer experience online, and increasingly on mobile devices, has become an extension of the restaurant brand. We are introducing SpeedDine to help our restaurant clients deliver the same level of customer service online that they do every day inside their own four walls."

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