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Financial Spring Cleaning Provides Invaluable Opportunity for Clean Financial Start & Bright Future

Experienced Maryland Bankruptcy Attorneys at Goren & Tucci Advise Prospective Clients That Spring Cleaning for Finances May Provide Invaluable Opportunity for Fresh, Clean Financial Start


Bethesda, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/16/2017 --Spring cleaning for most families focuses on the basement or the garage, clearing up clutter in order to produce a clean, fresh and bright look for those parts of the home. Maryland bankruptcy lawyers Goren & Tucci advise their current and prospective clients that a financial spring cleaning can be even more beneficial, offering a clean, fresh and bright outlook for the family's financial future.

"It's a great annual rite of passage to tidy up the home during spring cleaning season, and we think it's an even better idea to tidy up your finances at the same time," says Maryland bankruptcy attorney Brian A. Tucci. "With the assistance of dedicated, experienced professionals, you can achieve great results as quickly and easily as possible."

The benefits of filing bankruptcy begin immediately with the power of the automatic stay. This puts a stop to harassment from creditors and collection agencies, as well as immediately stopping wage garnishments. Just like tidying up a room which instantly looks renewed, filing bankruptcy provides this immediate benefit, showcasing a brighter future with reduced burdens and debts.

"Financial clutter and garbage in the form of mounting debts which are impossible to keep up with or get ahead of is worse than an overcrowded garage or basement," says experienced bankruptcy attorney Robert K. Goren. "Of course, as long as the foreclosure process hasn't already started, then you can keep your home with bankruptcy, too, giving you a chance to physically spruce things up a bit after your financial situation is resolved."

Filing bankruptcy provides many great benefits. In addition to the automatic stay, many types of debts will be able to discharged or reorganized, while homes and vehicles can be kept. Filing either chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy is not a one size fits all solution though, which is why it's important to consult with a professional. There are also a number of viable non-bankruptcy financial solutions which exist as well.

Goren & Tucci will provide prospective clients with a free consultation to discuss their circumstances and determine the best course of action. Visit GorenTucciLaw.com for more information about their services and capabilities, or call their office directly at 301-977-4300.

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