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Zhongshan, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2020 --SPY Car Alarm

Spy car alarm is one of the first-class car security system manufacturers, with 100% of the manufacturers of car security system products. It consists of vehicle parking sensors, central locking system, buttons, mirrored DVR, TPMS, BSD(vulnerable side identification system), Power Windows, keyless access system and another vehicle electronic equipment. The processing plant has passed and approved IATF 16949:2016 certification. Products support E-Mark, CE, FCC, CCC certification

SPY Car Alarm has a workshop of more than 20,000 square meters and advanced testing equipment such as fast SMT machines, ICT robots and automatic input lines. They have won respect and greetings from all over the world with their more considerate service and richer experience.

SPY Product introduction

The car TPMS: the purpose of the tire pressure monitoring system is to monitor the air pressure of a vehicle's pneumatic tires. The spy provides the car TPMS, which is with precise data, high precision, real-time monitoring and suitable for every weather. BSD

The blind-spot detection system is a kind of vehicle assistance device to help the driver change lanes safely during driving. With the help of ultrasonic sensor technology, it can detect moving objects on the side/back of the vehicle entering the vulnerable side of the identification area.

One-way Car Alarm System
One-way remote starting systems have been in use for a long time. The term "one-way" refers to one-way communication between the car and the remote control. By default, this technology comes from keyless access systems. But the one-way remote starter has one drawback. One-way remote start can only send messages from the controller to the remote starter, but Unable to send message from remote starter to controller. Without a visual assessment of the vehicle, the user has no way of knowing if the system is running.

Two-way Car Alarm System
The SPY two-way LCD car alarm system is the best car alarm system in China. Its large-sized LCD has an elegant appearance. Therefore, feedback on vehicle status is easy to read. The device adopts FSK technology, which can realize remote monitoring. The remote start engine function allows the car bracket to remotely cool or heat the car. Engine life can extend the turbine timer mode.

Parking Sensor
Parking sensor is a proximity sensor used for road vehicles to remind drivers to pay attention to obstacles when parking. Using wireless technology, the SPY Parking Sensor equipped with Max has a sensing range of 2.5-0.3 meters and a wireless transmission range of up to 25 meters.

Smart Mirror DVR:
SPY full-screen dash camera can provide a wider view sleek look and removes the driver's troubles. It also contains:

- Steam media
- Excellent right vision
- Reversing Aid system
- Parking monitor
- Variable sight angle.

Keyless Entry:
The smart keyless entry system is an electronic lock that helps control the entry vehicle by not using the old mechanical keys. You can open the car door by pressing a button on the key. It also has a button to lock the vehicle. Spy car alarm with multi-function universal keyless enter system, suitable for all types of vehicles. Its main features include electronic and pneumatic locks, remote door locks/unlocks, jumper selection electric or pneumatic central locks, power window output, automatic door locks, code learning, remote luggage release, direction light flash confirmation, remote truck release, flashlight output, power window output.

SPY certificates & exhibition

SPY committed to creating a safe and stable car alarm system for users. With this product, Users will have safer and more considerate high-tech car alarm systems.

- SPY® grant of equipment authorization FCC Identify
- SPY® wireless parking sensor EC-R&TTE Certificate
- SPY® tire pressure monitoring system R&TTE Compliance
- SPY Car Alarm TPMS R&TTE Compliance
- SPY® wireless parking sensor CE Certification
- SPY® ISO: TS 16949 Certification
- SPY® Auto alarm EC-R&TTE Certificate
- SPY® tire pressure monitoring system CE certification
- SPY Car Alarm tire pressure monitoring system certificate
- SPY Car Alarm TPMS CE certificate

About SPY
SPY has been concentrating on automotive electronic products and the motorcycle for more than 26 years. Our top-quality car alarm system products and excellent services have won us many certificates and patents.

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