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St. Louis Marriage Coach Teaches the Value of Hope in a "Hopeless" Situation

David Rispoli helps St. Louis, MO partners navigate the trying periods of their relationship


O'Fallon, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/02/2016 --Professional relationship coach David Rispoli is helping couples in St. Louis as well as nationwide find hope once in again in a relationship that they believe is hopeless. Throughout his career, Rispoli has worked with thousands of couples in various stages of relationships and has helped even the most troubled partnerships become great again. He does this by helping couples focus on four key guidelines.

First, Rispoli helps each partner in the relationship come the realization that no matter how dire they feel their situation is, there is always hope as long as they don't give up. Second, he helps partners acknowledge the existing pain in the relationship since it must be recognized before it can be resolved. Third, Rispoli emphasizes the importance of each partner understanding that it is possible for people to change despite whatever hurtful behaviors they have exhibited in the past. Lastly, he helps couples focus on moving forward in the relationship rather than focusing on what happened in the past.

The marriage coaching Rispoli offers in St. Louis differs from the traditional approach to marriage counseling because instead of just focusing on psychiatry and medicine, it is rooted in personal growth values and focuses on moving clients toward a higher level of functioning, both personally and together in their relationship. He helps his clients learn problem solving skills and implement effective choices in a way that benefits their relationship. He works with couples in all different types of situations and statuses, both those that are broken as well as those that are good but could be even greater.

As a professional marriage coach, David Rispoli offers one-on-one services to clients in the St. Louis area, but also offers services remotely via Skype for clients who are out of state or even in international locations. He provides initial consultations for clients that help create a roadmap for the type of relationship each partner seeks, and also provides weekly one-on-one sessions for couples on a monthly basis. He offers a variety of other resources for clients such as an online library, blog, and phone and email contact outside of regularly scheduled sessions.

Rispoli is set to release his second self-authored book titled "Marriage by Design" in summer 2016. His goal in authoring this book is to help couples across the world that don't have access to one-on-one coaching services find the tools and resources they need to improve their marriages.

About David Rispoli
David Rispoli is the founder and president of St. Louis Marriage Coaching. He received his training from Mort Fertel in the Marriage Fitness approach to saving marriages and still works as a consultant for the program. Throughout his career that has spanned two decades, Rispoli has also practiced as a professional team building specialist and certified anger management counselor. He completed his bachelor's degree in philosophy from Slippery Rock University and also earned an MBA in Human Resource Management.

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