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St Louis SEO Company Adopts "Only White Hat SEO" Approach

St Louis SEO Company Web Design and Company says only "white-hat SEO" methods will be used in SEO training seminars and technical implementation going forward for all clients / followers.


St. Louis, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/29/2014 --St Louis SEO company Web Design and Company says it's time to say goodbye to outdated SEO methods. Company owner David Kley said in a company conference on Monday: "By focusing solely on white-hat seo verfied methods provided by Google Webmaster Tools, in conjuction with our internal testing, we can offer the best results combined with the best stability for our clients SERP position, no questions asked."

Web Design and Company saw a tremendous positive effect after adopting this new approach to SEO and search engine optimization. Over the past few months of 2014, a new internal strategy was developed for the fastest response time in SERP position changes, while focusing on long term stability through algorithm updates. After reviewing the analytical data using the new white hat seo only approach, St Louis SEO expert David Kley said "In over 12 years of providing SEO services, nothing has ever had me this excited about what we can do for our clients. There is a lot of groudbreaking new features being added to our already strong lineup of SEO services. Combined with newly established partnerships with leading search marketing experts, this positions our company as an SEO powerhouse, both for local and nationwide search campaigns. It's a very exciting time for us, and the industry as a whole."

Search engine optimization has become the most powerful way to get your site showing up in search engine results, establish brand authority, and gain additional sales. Since the launch of their new website in April 2014, Web Design and Company has expanded their services to providing SEO training and webinars for small businesses and SEO freelancers in order to help them better understand and implement a white-hat SEO strategy.

David Kley, owner and SEO team lead explained "When we developed our new strategies for ranking, it was important for us as a company to really show our clients the best strategies available, even if we didn't handle their SEO services directly. Our team is full of seo geeks, that hold an active, vested interest in our clients success. Our staff has a personal interest in every website we optimize or develop, and you see the result of that in our training seminars or creative website builds. This personal touch not only helps us gain ranking results through technical implementation, but establishes a strong relationship with our followers. We monitor of all the latest trends, methods and techniques in the SEO world, and after reviewing all for best practice, share that with the community to help them better establish their online identity."

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Web Design and Company is an SEO company operating out of St Louis, MO. Due to their use of innovate white hat SEO, they have attracted a local and nationwide client base, along with rising to the top of search results for St Louis marketing and SEO-related terms. They carry a personal interest in each clients online marketing success. For more information please visit http://www.webdesignandcompany.com