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When it comes to fixing stairlift problems in Norristown and Kennett Square, Stairlift Medics is the right place.


Damascus, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/29/2021 --A stairlift is an essential requirement, especially for those suffering from mobility difficulties and other physical ailments. Getting between floors and going through the home can be challenging for such people. Having a modern stairlift installed is the right approach to help them out.

Unfortunately, like any other device and gadget, stairlift too develops wear and tear. Stairlift problems in Norristown and Kennett Square can be a real headache. Due to the repetitive use, the components become loose, and at times they come off, causing inconvenience for all. For the stairlift to endure long, it is crucial to identify the issues and complications before they worsen.

Sometimes, a faulty stairlift becomes the reason the user gets injured and wounded. Making strange noise is one of the most common signs of a stairlift not working. Routine checkups and troubleshooting issues can help save costly repair and even get one lift up and running again. Stairlift Medics offers affordable stairlift repair and excellent services to the aging and mobility challenged community.

The technicians at Stairlift Medics will check items including key switch, power supply, battery disconnect switch, error codes, armrests, footrests, and other components for errors and issues. If they find anything suspicious, they will address the same.

A power supply problem is usually the reason for a chairlift beeping and refusing to stop. If the power supply is plugged in but the outlet is off, the technicians will examine if the outlet is switched or if the main breaker has tripped.

The main shut-off switch of the lift is the battery disconnect switch. The battery disconnect switch is not the same as the key switch. The goal of this switch is to turn off the power to the PCB and disable the functionality of all the lifts. This switch will also turn off the lift's beeping or chirping until it is fixed. It can be challenging to find this switch because the placement of the switch varies depending on the lift maker.

The technicians will go into the depths of the issues and figure out the potential solution to fix them up.

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