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Stairlift Provider Celebrates 50 Years of Service


Jamestown, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2019 --When a company has been able to thrive and evolve over a period of a half a century, this is a success story that should be told far and wide. Access Elevator was originally established in 1969, and they are still going strong as a family owned and operated business. They are centered in Jamestown, New York, and they serve a number of different cities in the Empire State and Pennsylvania. These would include Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse as well as the surrounding cities.

The work that they do makes life easier for people that have physical mobility challenges. For elders that have a hard time getting around, a stairlift can change everything. Some people that would otherwise have to move into assisted living communities can stay in their comfortable homes when they have a stairlift installed by the people at Access Elevator.

There is no one size fits all cookie cutter stairlift, because homes have their own unique characteristics. This company is very sensitive to this dynamic, and as a response, they have developed the ability to adapt a solution that is ideal for any situation. They can accommodate stairways of all sizes, shapes, and angles, and they can navigate tricky corners and multiple flights of stairs.

Access Elevator sources their stairlifts from Stannah, which is a leading name in the industry. Since they started manufacturing stairlifts in 1975, they have made life easier for more than 700,000 people. This producer places a premium on safety, so their stairlifts have state-of-the-art features including obstruction sensors, smart seat swivels, seat belts, constant pressure controls, and more.

One way that you can be sure about the integrity of any manufacturer is to take a long look at their warranty. When a company is willing to stand behind their work with a strong guarantee, buyers can go forward with total confidence. The Stannah stairlift products that clients can obtain from Access Elevator come with a lifetime warranty on the most important parts: the gearbox and the motor.

Clearly, the stairlifts are top notch and very well supported by the manufacturer. To top it off, the technicians at Access Elevator install them perfectly. It is little wonder that this company has been able to withstand the test of time for 50 years.

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