Standeazy Ultra Makes Any Smartphone or Tablet Hands-Free


Birmingham, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/05/2017 --Standeazy Ultra is a simple device that lets users make any mobile device hands-free while on the go. The device is small enough to fit into the user's wallet. This easy portability means the stand can be used anywhere.

This adjustable stand is designed to work seamlessly with any brand of device, large or small. It can accommodate smartphones, tablets and e-readers, even if they utilize protective cases. Users can adjust the height and angle of the stand with the notches within the device. The stand works with mobile devices in both portrait and landscape modes.

The Standeazy Ultra is made from brushed aluminum and polypropylene, giving it the perfect combination of strength, weight and durability. Despite its light weight and small stature, this stand is sturdy enough to withstand heavy use. Independent testing has proven that the Standeazy Ultra is still going strong, even after being folded and unfolded 80,000 times.

The Standeazy Ultra is the second in this line of stands from the creators. The previous version was made from a polymer material and achieved great success among customers. The Standeazy Ultra utilizes the same design principles, but the heavier material lends it more strength so that it can accommodate more devices, like heavier tablets at various angles.

In order to help bring the product to market, the creators of Standeazy Ultra have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The money will be used to fund larger purchase orders in order to lower the production cost of the device and thus lower the purchase price for customers. The goal is to make the Standeazy Ultra as affordable as possible for all mobile device owners.

The campaign has a funding goal of $6,354, which it achieved in just two days from the launch of the campaign. With the increased funding that the campaign will likely continue to generate in the coming weeks, the creators aim to release colored aluminum versions of the Standeazy Ultra to add to the product line.

To thank donors for their contributions, Standeazy Ultra's creators are offering backers their own stand for donations of $10 or more. This represents a discount off of the expected retail price of $12. It is estimated that Standeazy Ultras will be shipped out to backers of the campaign beginning in October 2017.