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Stanley-Wallace Law Introduces New Flat Fee Billing Structure

Adds Transparency And Eliminates Financial Uncertainties Of Litigation


Slidell, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/12/2018 --Stanley-Wallace Law's Flat Fee Billing Structure Adds Transparency, Eliminates Financial Uncertainties Of Litigation

Emotionally fraught legal situations such as relocation issues, divorce settlements, child custody hearings or support cases no longer need to mean financial uncertainty for litigation. Stanley-Wallace Law of Slidell, La., now offers a flat fee structure for clients in need of family law services.

In an hourly structure, legal fees depend on the number of hours spent by the attorney and paralegals on the case, plus additional costs like filing fees. In a flat fee structure, the litigant pays an agreed rate to the attorney plus some costs.

"The hourly billing structure has been a standard practice in the legal industry for several decades; however, it seems over the same time period that litigants nationwide have harbored issues of trust, accountability and value regarding those in the legal space," said Kristen Stanley-Wallace, owner of Stanley-Wallace Law. "Exacerbating these issues are financial concerns. I have observed in the past few years that some of my clients have been hesitant about the hourly billing structure because of financial uncertainty," she said, adding, "We listened to our clients' prior experiences and acted."

Stanley-Wallace Law designed a flat fee invoicing structure to help mitigate client concerns. The firm continues to offer a standard pricing structure as well, to give clients full flexibility and ensure their utmost satisfaction.

"Our philosophy is simple: Transparency and trust are the foundation of our important work. We have found that the flat fee billing structure is preferable by many clients because they can better plan their finances, and they trust in the efficient handling of their cases," said Stanley-Wallace.

At Stanley-Wallace Law, offering a flat fee as well as standard billing structure creates the framework in which financial uncertainties are eliminated, that distressing burden on clients is lifted, and value is understood. If you are experiencing a family-related or personal situation that requires legal assistance, Stanley-Wallace Law is here to help. Schedule a consultation today!

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