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Stannah Curved Stairlifts Are Custom Made to Fit a Range of Residential and Commercial Stairwells


Jamestown, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/17/2020 --Stannah curved stairlifts are custom-built to accommodate a range of unique and distinct curved stairwells. For clients looking to equip their home or business with curved stairlift technology in Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Morgantown WV, and the surrounding areas, Access Elevator lends their expertise.

With outside curve rails, inside curved rails, and individually crafted designs, Stannah stairlifts are a leader in curved stairlift technology. Taking into account the various safety features that individuals need to stay protected, the team of engineers at Stannah works with Access Elevator to provide optimal safety and function when it comes to curved stairlift technology.

Outside curve rails are an essential curved stairlift feature that helps stairlifts glide over curved outside bends in residential and commercial stairways. While these twists and turns make stairwells unique, they need to be accommodated to ensure the optimal safety and function of Stannah stairlifts.

Indoor curved rails attach directly to the Stannah lift platform to accommodate curves and turns in stairwells. When they are out of use, indoor curved rails on curved stairlifts can act as a support rail for individuals traveling up and down stairwells without using stairlift technology. These indoor rails are not only beneficial to individuals with limited mobility but visitors and other individuals utilizing stairs for multi-story travel.

Stannah curved stairlifts are custom-made to fit all the unique features of curved staircases. With individually crafted designs, technicians at Access Elevator help clients assess their stairwells and work with Stannah to accommodate nearly every different style and feature of curved staircases.

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Access Elevator carries a range of Stannah curved stairlifts to fit the needs of their clients in Rochester, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Morgantown WV, Ithaca NY, and the surrounding areas. Carrying a vast range of styles, the team of technicians at Access Elevator assists clients in selecting the curved stairlift that accommodates their budget and their specific needs. To learn more about Access Elevator and their products call or visit their site today at