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Stannah Stairlifts Outshine Bruno Stairlifts as the Superior Stairlift Choice for Homeowners


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/29/2020 --Stannah stairlifts are the superior stairlift choice for homeowners, outshining Bruno stairlifts with their many advantages in reputation, safety features, and design.

Finding the right stairlift model can prove to be challenging for homeowners with limited mobility. Some companies have a reputation for pressing homeowners with more aggressive sales tactics, and buyers may feel pressured to make ill-informed decisions when purchasing stairlift technology. Other companies, like Stannah, lets their stairlift technology speak for itself. When it comes to Bruno vs. Stannah, there's no competition.

Stannah stairlifts have over 150 years of experience providing mobility technology to a global audience. While Bruno has a reasonable 36 years in home mobility, Stannah has proven itself the preferred lift company, with an additional 114 years of experience.

While Bruno stairlifts have minimal additional safety or shut off switches, Stannah stairlifts are built with the utmost standard of safety in mind. Amongst other features, Stannah lifts have convenient armrest controls, retractable footrests, and automatic slow down functions for optimal safety.

Stannah stairlifts outshine Bruno's options when it comes to customizable design. From seating to selecting colors and upholstery, Stannah lifts are designed to fit the style and comfort of users, while Bruno lifts generally come with no customizable style features.

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