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Star Essentials Launches an Essential Oil Aromatherapy Charm Bracelet on That Can Improve the Well-Being of Wearers

Lovers of essential oils and aromatherapy can now reap the benefits of this traditional therapy all day long, by adding a favorite essential oil to an aromatherapy bracelet diffuser.


Harlingen, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/25/2016 --Amazon seller, Star Essentials, has recently announced the launch of its Aromatherapy Diffuser Charm Bracelet on its Store. Star Essentials' top-grade stainless steel bracelet for women or teenage girls is beautifully detailed and designed to carry the delicate colored glass diffuser ball securely.

Maria Garcia from Star Essentials commented, "Over the past few months, we've seen a surge in people contacting us to order our aromatherapy jewelry, which has really grown in popularity due to the multitude of benefits it can have on the user's well-being. Essential oils really do have an incredible power change the way we feel emotionally, physically and mentally.

"Our essential oil bracelet allows people to enjoy the scent of their favorite essential oils as they go about their day and I think that's the main reason for the rise in popularity of aromatherapy jewelry. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you can keep essential oils close at hand in your diffuser bracelet."

The health benefits* that people report from using aromatherapy include: relaxation, stress-relief, peaceful sleep and better sleep habits, improved mood and fewer mood swings, better memory, balancing of hormones and even regulation of blood pressure.

Maria Garcia went on to say, "The feel good factor that you experience when using aromatherapy really makes it one of the best medicines around. The beauty of our diffuser bracelet is that you no longer have to wait to get home to have an aromatherapy bath or plan a visit to a spa for an essential oil massage – just add an essential oil to the diffuser ball and the scent will stay with you all day long."

Star Essentials Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet is available in four colorways Aqua, Pink, Purple and Red. The bracelet can be easily refilled by removing the diffuser ball from the charm pendant and injecting the essential oil of choice.

It makes the perfect accessory for any outfit and is an ideal gift for women and teenage girls who love beautiful aromas and jewelry. Visit the Star Essentials Amazon Store here.

*Each essential oil has its own specific benefits and users should always consult a physician if they wish to use aromatherapy to ease a medical condition.