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Startup Business Card Founder Claims to Have Created the "Netflix" of the Business Cards Industry


Frisco, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2019 --"Clear Card believes that simplicity and affordability is everything," says company Founder, Rickey McCoy. "Now with NFC-enabled mobile phones, Clear Card is bringing traditional business cards into the smart-tech age. This is actually, I believe, what Netflix was, to the entertainment space," he concludes.

So what exactly is Clear Card? Clear Card is a high tech business card that has made sharing contact information as simple as a phone tap. This gives potential clients instant access to contact information, which is saved directly to their phone.

Studies show that of the 10 billion cards printed each year, 8 billion will be tossed out within a week. Unfortunately, so many business cards see their lifecycle end in the trash within minutes of entering new hands. Not so with Clear Card. Customers and colleagues will remember because of the innovation and simplicity involved. Clear Card gives an online profile in which users can update their contact information in real-time, whenever they like. Just think of all the times new business cards have had to be ordered because an address, phone number, or social media has changed. This is no longer a concern because users can now update their information anytime with Clear Card.

With 27 million business cards being printed daily, Clear Card is a green and eco-friendly solution to the problem of paper waste. Not only have many corporations transitioned to the Clear Card as their business card provider, but many small businesses have also made the switch as well.

With the average cost of a set of business cards being approximately $194, Clear Card is also budget-friendly for the entrepreneur of any size. Clear Card comes free with a monthly maintenance subscription fee of only $9.99. This allows users to continue to access the Clear Card Dashboard and update their card with any updated contact information in real-time and keeps their profile live for as long as they want.

Clear Card is a major pioneer in the NFC One Tap Business Card Industry. With hundreds of thousands of cards now sold, Clear Card is an industry leader and is literally changing the industry one card at a time. Branded as "Your Last Business Card", it may be just that.

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About Clear Card
Clear Card is the new age, transparent business card that allows users to transfer contact information with the tap of a phone. Update personal information including Name, Company, Website, Phone numbers, Email address, and many social media channels in real-time without having to re-order new paper cards. Update information an unlimited amount of times during the monthly subscription. Watch the full demo at

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