Startup GOffee Seeks Equity Crowdfunding to Fuel Growth of Their on-Demand Coffee Delivery

Up Until Now the Food Delivery Industry Forgot the Most Important Consumer of All: The Coffee Drinker.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2019 --We live in magical times when going online can conjure a clean home, dry cleaning and cooked food from an array of cuisines. But what about coffee? The most important beverage among legions of office workers across America was left out of the mix. Enter: GOffee. GOffee is the first coffee company to deliver the same drink anyone would order from their favorite coffee shop. GOffee offers companies a low-cost yet powerful way to keep employees happier, engaged and more productive.

In less than a year GOffee went from theory into proof of concept combining mobile ordering, eco-friendly cups, flavorful coffee, and quick delivery into a successful business positioned for growth. On the heels of their initial rollout to a small sector of New York City, GOffee seeks to expand to more areas of Manhattan as well as other major metropolitan areas across the country.

Adopting the classic business model of finding a need then filling it, GOffee addressed a pressing concern; there was no adequate delivery service for a cup of coffee let alone one that made any economic sense.

The GOffee subscription service is the simple solution. It allows companies to offer a unique perk to their employees: their favorite beverage delivered right to their desk while giving GOffee predictable monthly recurring revenue that is growing rapidly and steadily.

With over twenty-two brands on offer (Blue Bottle, Joe, Starbucks etc), employees will now be able to drink their favorite brew at work. The morning "boot up" process is enhanced by eliminating the time-wasting morning ritual of waiting on line for the first pick-me-up drink of the workday.

"Coffee is the drink of the future but going to the coffee shop on your way to work is an experience of the past."- Vincent Meyer, GOffee Founder

Companies are making a conscious effort to reduce their waste as part of the culture that employees embrace. GOffee makes it easy for companies to reduce their waste with its eco-friendly reusable cups and delivery process on top of all the time savings.

Thanks to equity crowdfunding, anyone can be an investor in this dynamic new company. Everyone is invited to inspect this investment opportunity -

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