Startup Launched the First Hybrid Portable and Wireless Drums

Senspad, the first 100% portable and connected drum kit!


Pas-de-Calais, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/27/2019 --Following the previous successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign, in May 2017, with Senstroke,
(the first connected solution for drummers), the French startup company Redison is back this year
with Senspad: A unique connected innovation that makes drums furthermore accessible to
everyone, and brings a new innovation to the drums' kit marketplace. Senspad will be available for
pre-orders on Kickstarter from May 2019.

At last, an innovation in the electronic drums market!
Since the beginning of electronic drums in 1980s, the traditional well-known brands cover, with an
exclusive monopoly, the whole marketplace for almost 30 years now with more than $ 60 million sales
reported in the US alone in 2018. A significant domination, but at the same time without any other
remarkable innovation for about 30 years now in electronic drums. Redison is here to change that by
launching a truly innovative alternative thanks to its brand new product, Senspad.

Senspad is a connected innovation and the first hybrid portable and wireless solution allowing:
- Playing drums anywhere!
- Composing the drums kit of your choice (1, 2, 3, 4 pads)
- Carrying your drums kit with you in a backpack (less than 4,4lbs per pad)
- Installing the drums in less than 2 minutes (no wire, no socket)
- Insonorising acoustic drums into an electronic one
- Playing without a special pedal (compatible with iOs, Android, and Windows)
Connected to a smartphone, tablet (iOs and Android) or laptop via Bluetooth, it is also possible to
connect the system through an owner's version that assures an extremely safe latency (less than
20ms). A specific sensor takes care of the connection (compatible with iOs, Android and Windows).

How exactly does Senspad work?

Once you have Senspad in your hands, you just have to turn
it on, launch the Senspad application, and connect it to your
smartphone's Bluetooth and PLAY!

With Senspad's application you can:
- Associate and combine multiple sounds to your pad
- Emulate, in real time, the sound of different drums' elements
- Adjust the sensitivity of your pad
- Connect multiple users to create a complete drums kit
- Connect Senstroke sensors to handle the feet
- Take interactive lessons
And many more to come!

Redison introduces a complete solution with Senstroke in terms of hardware, through the ultra-
design pads, and software, thanks to the special application that allows the user to play, record and

take individual interactive lessons. Unlike the existing "players" on the electronic drums' market, there
is no need in spending a fortune in expensive sound kits. Regular application updates provide
additional benefits to the users.
Once again Redison is removing the disadvantages of drumming by becoming a direct competitor of
the electronic drum's solution with its open and complete solution, and with quality and innovative
products for all drummers and music lovers.

About Redison
Founded in 2017 by Jérôme Dron, the French startup Redison develops projects in the world of music
and health by enthusiasts who have one goal: to simplify your everyday life with technological
innovations like Senstroke [[.
Senstroke is a unique patented innovation made in France that allows anyone to play drums, anywhere
and on anything. Following a financial campaign that attracted thousands of users, both in France and
abroad, and an initial successful fund raising of 900 000 euros, Redison has the ambition of conquering
the world's marketplace with innovative products designed especially for drummers.