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Starve Mode Reviews Highlight Details of Leigh Peele's Diet

There have already been many Starve Mode Reviews swarming the internet. But does Leigh Peele's new diet ebook really deliver as well as all of the reviews are saying?


Central Point, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/22/2013 --You might be reluctant to read another diet review because you have already figured out that most popular diets are full of hype and misleading claims. However, if you know anything about Leigh Peele, you already know that Starve Mode will be and is different. Most people who need to lose weight have already been up and down on the diet wagon, and then fallen off that same wagon. It is in fact, this cycle of dieting and then binging that may be causing problems in the first place.

The first thing that you should know if if you failed to keep weight off or even lose it in the first place is that it is not your fault. How were you to know that famous diet gurus and Hollywood starlets were more interested in getting a big paycheck than in healing you stay healthy and lean? Meanwhile, you honestly tried to follow a diet that either restricted carbs, fats, animal protein, or some other nutrient. You lost a little weight, craved nutrients, and then gained weight again.

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It is that metabolic wreck that current diets make of your body that is causing your problem. It is not your willpower or ability to understand and follow directions. This is why Leigh Peele concentrates on getting her audience to understand the process that your body uses to lose weight, digest nutrients, and stay healthy. Once you understand this process, you should also understand why other diets have not been effective weight loss tactics for you.

They practically set you up to fail. If you have managed to lose a few pounds, it is probably because of your other efforts or even because you cheated on the diet to get the nutrients your body needed. In the world of fad diets, cheaters may be listening to their bodies better than sticklers! This makes no sense.

The author also realizes that everybody searches for a diet for a different reason. Some folks really need to lose some weight, get more fit, and add muscle. Others are already pretty fit, but are on the road to perfection. You can choose your path depending upon your individual needs and situation.

Are you two pounds overweight, or even underweight, but afraid of putting on an ounce of unwelcome fat? There is a path for you. Are you overweight, without muscle tone, and desperate to simply get back to some sort of reasonable diet and fitness routine? There is also a path for you.

Both of these paths rely upon the same basic sensible approach to choosing food for its nutritional value. The path for the fitness types is just a little more stringent than the path for the people who just want to regain their health and shape.

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She also mentions one fact that many dieters, especially extreme dieters, miss. That is the simple idea that if you eat more you will weigh more. You might train like an Olympic athlete and eat a perfectly healthy diet for your lifestyle. You will weigh more because of muscle weight, water, stored glucose, etc. This is perfectly fine. You should not base your fitness goals upon pure weight alone. You should base them on being fit and healthy.

Obviously, if you are not very athletic and obviously a bit chubby, you might start with losing weight. But you also might start building muscle so your actual weight loss will not be as extreme as the way your new clothes fit.

She also mentions that not eating enough might actually work against you because it slows down your metabolism. This is actually well-known by other sensible diets like Weight Watchers. Sometimes the trick to breaking a diet plateau is to add back more sensible food into your diet. A weight gain or lack of a weight loss can be caused because something is missing from your diet.

Are you tired of failing at diets that just do not work? Are you really tired of putting money into a diet book author's pocket when it is not helping you, and it might even be hurting you? If so, I suggest reading Factual Starve Mode by Leigh Peele. It could provide you with the knowledge, support, and common sense plan to finally lose weight, stay healthy, and get fit!

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