State Legislators Gift PrepMe's ACT & SAT Test Prep to High School Students in Their District

Legislators support online education by providing students the opportunity to prepare for college with PrepMe’s Local Hero Program.


Chicago, IL-- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2010 -- With college readiness programs falling victim to school budget cuts, PrepMe created a special program for state legislators to help their high school districts prepare for college. The scholarship program called “Be A Local Hero,” allows state legislators to identify schools in their home districts which could benefit from ACT or SAT course scholarships for up to 25 students, and become a hero in education for those kids.

Through the Be a Local Hero program, high school students have four months access to online personalized weekly schedules comprised of over 150 lessons, quizzes and practice tests. In order for students to have received this free gift, state legislators submitted their commitment on their high schools’ behalf. Excited and eager to provide their school district with college test prep when so many programs have been cut due to budget constraints, legislators flooded PrepMe with written requests to help their high schools. These legislators are truly the local heroes of their districts.

PrepMe is an education company offering personalized online curriculum aligned to ACTs & SATs respective college readiness standards and helps students prepare for the skills tested on college entrance exams. PrepMe teaches standards-aligned curriculum that helps students and teachers work together to identify skill weaknesses and prioritize them to enforce the core foundations in subject matter areas taught in high school.

Congratulations and thanks to the following legislators who are the 2010 PrepMe Local Heroes.

• Rodger Smitherman

• Jerry Weiers

• Denny Altes
• Gene Jeffress
• Jim Nickels
• Garry Smith

• Mary Mushinsky

• Christopher Smith
• Arthenia Joyner

• Sharon Beasly- Teague
• Billy Mitchell

• John Mizuno
• Clift Tsuji

• John Goedde

• Bill Black
• Thomas Holbrook

• Jim Arnold

• Mario Goico

• Rocky Adkins
• Eddie Ballard
• Linda Belcher
• Walter Blevins
• David Boswell
• Kevin Bratcher
• Julian Carroll
• Perry Clark
• Leslie Combs
• James Comer
• Ron Crimm
• Robert Damron
• Myron Dossett
• Ted Edmonds
• Kelly Flood
• Danny Ford
• David Givens
• Jim Gooch
• Derrick Graham
• Jeff Greer
• Mike Harmon
• Denise Harper-Angel
• Melvin Henley
• Jimmy Higdon
• Dennis L. Horlander
• Joni Jenkins
• Ray Jones II
• Dennis Keene
• Vernie McGaha
• Terry Mills
• Brad Montell
• Tim Moore
• Gerald Neal
• Sannie Overly
• Darryl Owens
• R.J Palmer II
• Ruth Ann Palumbo
• Don Pasley
• Joey Pendleton
• Marie Rader
• Rick Rand
• Mike Reynolds
• Jerry Rhoads
• Dorsey Ridley
• Carl Rollins
• Sal Santoro
• John Schickel
• Tim Shaughnessy
• Arnold Simpson
• Brandon Smith
• John Will Stacy
• Fitz Steel
• Kathy Stein
• Kent Stevens
• Katie Stine
• Greg Stumbo
• Tommy Thompson
• John Tilley
• Johnny Ray Turner
• Robin Webb
• Susan Westrom
• David Williams
• Eddie Worley
• Addia Wuchner
• Brent Yonts

• Patricia Smith

• Sharon Treat

• Mark Falzone

• Lisa Brown
• Mark Meadows

• D. Scott Dibble
• Al Juhnke

New Hampshire
• Robert Cushing
• Daniel Eaton
• Robert Introne

New Mexico
• Andrew Barreras
• Dennis Roch
• Debbie Rodella

North Carolina
• Larry Bell
• Phillip Haire

North Dakota
• Lois Delmore
• Rae Ann Kelsch
• Steven Zaiser

• Tom Letson

• Anastasia Pittman
• Weldon Watson

Puerto Rico
• Luz Arce Ferrer
• Lourdes Ramos

• Debra Maggart
• Eddie Yokley

• Brent Goodfellow
• Todd Kiser
• Rebecca Lockhart
• Howard Stephenson
• Michael Waddoups

• Adam Ebbin
• Janet Howell
• John Miller
• Yvonne Miller

West Virginia
• Bonnie Brown
• Bill Hamilton
• Meshea Poore

• Allen Jaggi