Steam Shower Store to Rebrand as Poshh


Lancashire, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/14/2021 --All good things must come to an end. In the case of Steam Shower Store, however, the end is just a new beginning. It's now rebranded as Poshh. The updated name reflects how Steam Shower Store has grown over the years and expanded way beyond the original plans of founder and director Andrew Ellis.

A path of unstoppable growth
Like many successful businesses, Steam Shower Store was created to solve a problem. Founder Andrew Ellis was (and is) very much into fitness and health. He enjoyed the gym when he could get to it. The problem was, he couldn't always get to it.

"My work hours were flexible," he explains. "Sometimes they changed at short notice. Then I had family, friends, other things I needed or just wanted to do. Things came up that I didn't expect. Basically, life happened and that meant I couldn't always get to the gym so I decided I needed a backup plan".

Andrew Ellis soon discovered that putting together a home gym was pretty straightforward. The problem was finding home-sized equivalents of wellness facilities like steam rooms, whirlpool baths, and saunas. At first, he found this very frustrating. Then he realized that it was an opportunity and Steam Shower Store was born.

At first, business was slow but Andrew Ellis persevered. Bit by bit, Steam Shower Store gained recognition and then respect. Finally, it became the UK's leading supplier of home spa appliances. Now, Andrew Ellis wants to go even further and into new directions.

No longer just an appliance store

Andrew Ellis was already thinking about moving in new directions before the pandemic struck. His business was struck hard by COVID19 but not in the way you might be thinking. Demand for home-spa equipment was actually higher than ever. The problem was that COVID19 had caused pandemonium in the global supply chain so he couldn't bring in stock to sell.

Initially, Andrew Ellis thought that demand would tail off as the pandemic was brought under control. In actual fact, it's been growing more than ever. Andrew Ellis believes that this is down to two main factors. Firstly, people are taking wellness much more seriously. Secondly, people are realizing that home-wellness facilities are cost-effective as well as convenient.

What was even more interesting was that Steam Shower Store began to get people asking about other bathroom items. At first, Andrew Ellis didn't understand why. Then he realized that people simply wanted to get everything they needed for their bathroom from a single retailer they knew they could trust. That's when he finally realized it was time to expand his range.

As soon as he made that decision, he realized that he also needed to update his store's name and so Poshh was born.

An instant hit with customers

Even though he'd already made Steam Shower Store a success, Andrew Ellis was nervous about rebranding and, effectively, relaunching his store. After all, he'd spent years building up name recognition with both customers and search engines. Happily, though, the change has been more than justified.

Customers are loving Poshh's range of carefully curated household goods at value-for-money prices. Although bathroom goods are still the best-sellers, there is growing interest in items for other parts of the home and, indeed, the garden. Feedback has been great and Andrew Ellis has been delighted to see a growing number of five-star reviews.