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Steampunk Nixie Clock Now Available in App Form at Fraction of Price


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2014 --A Nixie Clock in limited edition recently hit the market, followed by an app of a 'steampunk nixie clock' that features many of the elaborate details found in the original timepieces.

As far as clocks go, this one crosses clock milestones in several ways. This 3D alarm clock is a work of art! People who love Nixie clocks and have a thing about old tubes, are going to find a lot of reasons to appreciate this app.

This original Steampunk Nixie Clock blends the antique and ancient into a unique configuration. The clock is bookended by submarine “hatch” type mechanisms as found in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

The app comes complete with an alarm and has the merger of antique, ancient and modern, it is the only 3D nixie clock in the app store.

The app has a navigation feature where the user can drag and pinch their fingers to move and rotate the clock around. In addition, the clock can be switched to a gyroscope function, which means it can remain stable despite the user's movements and activity. It's easy to change the colors of the LED style numbers at the swipe of the finger as well as to switch the background to use the built-in camera for augmented reality.

Authentic steampunk sounds complement the other features. With a gyroscope feature, colour changer and camera background, the Nixie Clock app brings a wealth of much-needed features to a downloadable masterpiece.

About The Nixie clock app
The Nixie clock app is designed by UK artist Kev Stenning. It allows users to catch a new novelty value on iPhones and iPads.