Step by Step Forex Trading Guide, Just Released

Trading is Fun with FXholic’s Buddy.


Larnaca, Cyprus -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2018 --FXHOLIC.COM today announced the launch of FXholic's BUDDY, a FOREX Trading Guide, which is a tool every new Forex Trader needs. It's an interactive Mind-Map - - containing in a schematic and practically organized manner, the information related to the 7 Steps a FOREX Trader should take, ensuring consistently profitable trades.

To the new trader, -who is overwhelmed by the info overload, not knowing where to start from and what to do next when looking at the Candlesticks Charts,- a robust methodology reflecting a way of thinking that applies to all Markets in all Conditions, is much more than a tool, it's a panacea.

The most common questions -based on associated dark zones- haunting a FOREX trader's mind are:

- How do I evaluate Market's conditions on Monthly and Weekly Time-Frames?

- What should I be looking for on Daily Time- Frame?

- Which pair should I trade and from which Time-Frame should I enter?

- What should be my position's size?

- Where should I place my Stop-Loss Order?

- How should I determine Trade's Reward and where should I place my Take-Profit Target?

- How should I manage a Trade in case I want to follow a nice big move, where should I add positions and what should I do if price turns against me?

It's an excellent companion to the Signals provided via the FXholic's Forex Signals MOBILE APPLICATION but can as well be used on its own.

With comprehensive instructions, rules, criteria and tips, FXholic's BUDDY, takes trader by the hand and relieves their mind from all the numbing guesswork. Trade becomes stress-free and it's only a matter of repetitions and time for the whole process to become Trader's second nature.

Using FXholic's BUDDY, the trader has the option to follow the 20-25pips per day –intraday- trading style or to reach their monthly goal taking Medium or Long Term Trades from higher Time-Frames. In any case, knowing what they're doing and why, offers a great advantage that boosts their confidence and optimizes their performance.

FXholic's BUDDY costs 497eur and can be ordered at

The eBook "HAPPY PIPS" a complete roadmap to Technical Analysis, presented in more than 700 pages and written in plain language, is offered as a Companion to FXholic's BUDDY.

Since August 2012, FXHOLIC has become the synonym of high quality FOREX Education via Series of Books such as "KISS FOREX" and "HAPPY PIPS", 'FXholic's FOREX Signals" MOBILE APPLICATION, -offering Trading Signals and analyses on multiple Currency Pairs in the form of brief VIDEO Tutorials,- ForexID Academy eCourse, FXholic GOLDEN Interactive Training Program, thousands of YouTube VIDEOS with analyses, hundreds of INSTAGRAM posts, five Podcasts and FXholic's BUDDY, a FOREX Trader's Guide, following Successful Trader's 7 Steps Checklist. Backing up Traders with proper training, FXHOLIC turns Market's Jungle into an Exciting Place to be and FOREX Trading into a fun game.