Step Smart Aims to Improve Ladder Safety and Reduce Ladder-Related Accidents


Melbourne, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2017 --Balco Lifestyle has created a device which will detect if a ladder becomes unstable when in use. Step Smart alerts the user to danger at the very earliest opportunity with red lights and an alarm.

Balco Lifestyle says, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2015, more than 256,000 people were injured, and more than 300 people suffered fatal injuries as a result of an accident associated with using a ladder. With their safety device, this figure will hopefully be reduced by encouraging more cautious ladder use.

Step Smart helps in setting up a ladder to a level position before using it. When the ladder is set and stable, Step Smart will flash green and the user is free to use the ladder. Should the angle of the ladder change from its original set position at any point, Step Smart will flash red and emit an alarm. The user knows that the ladder is at an unsafe level and they should proceed with caution or an accident could occur.

"Step Smart will take the guesswork out of knowing if your ladder is stable while you are using it," said Kathryn Trivella, (a spokesperson for Balco Lifestyle). "Like the reversing beep on a lorry or a heart rate monitor, Step Smart will provide early warning of danger to prevent something serious from occurring."

Step Smart works in the following way:

1. A good fit for most ladders when set up, it is attached to the ladder between rungs where it sits safely and securely courtesy of a telescopic pole and bracket, which is locked into place.

2. Like a spirit level, Step Smart indicates whether the ladder is completely level and safe to use (green light) or not yet level (red light).

3. When the ladder is level, the user sets Step Smart to Alarm Mode and uses the ladder.

4. Any change in the ladder's angle, however slight, will cause an alarm to sound and LED lights to flash.

5. A red flashing light and slow beep indicate that the ladder is at a dangerous angle.

6. Solid red lights and a rapid beep mean that the ladder is extremely dangerous and is likely to tip over.

7. Step Smart has 100 hours battery life.

Seeing a gap in the market, Balco Lifestyle say products are available to help address the problem of uneven ground when using a ladder, for example when a ladder is used on stairs or sloping ground. However, there are not currently any products on the market to identify and monitor ladder stability.

Balco Lifestyle is launching Step Smart on Kickstarter to raise funds to cover the final software and hardware development costs. Customers can find out more and secure an early bird special deal by visiting the Kickstarter page here:

About Balco Lifestyle
Located in Melbourne, Australia, Balco Lifestyle is an experienced product development company with over 10 years experience of bringing products to market. Step Smart has been created by a small R&D team that focuses on innovative solutions, particularly tech products in a range of areas from sports to safety.