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Stephen Hawking Inspired Art and a Dalai Lama Sumo-Sized Surprise at the Tokyo International Art Fair 2018


Roppongi, Tokyo -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2018 --The city of Tokyo will be playing host to hundreds of talented artists from all around the world when it stages the fourth edition of the Tokyo International Art Fair on 25-26 May 2018, Bellesalle Roppongi. More than 100 exhibitors from over 30 countries will be filling the prime located venue with an incredible display of art, with more pieces than ever before gathered under one roof for visitors to admire and to buy in the city's largest Artist showcase of modern and contemporary art.

This year, the organisers Global Art Agency joined forces with BELLESALLE Roppongi to host the fourth Tokyo International Art Fair - yet again expecting thousands of art loving visitors and huge sales. Roppongi (literally "six trees") is a district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan, famous for the affluent Roppongi Hills development area which includes the famous Mori Art Museum.

Organisers Joelle Dinnage and her business partner Natal Vallve from the Global Art Agency are making the fantastic (free) two-day art extravaganza a versatile art happening for the locals of Tokyo. A huge variety of artworks, offering every visitor something to suit their style, all in an affordable price-range to buy and to take home on the day. "We are extremely happy with the new venue, it will be another spectacle." they said.

On show will be paintings, sculptures, photography art, illustrations, printmaking, and jewellery, with a live painting and music show at the event.

"Almost 10,000 people visited the event last year, connections were made, and great sales happened, so everyone was extremely satisfied. There was no doubt to continue and build on the success of the previous editions. We have worked very hard to get a brilliant new venue in one of Tokyo's hotspots attracting art aficionado's from all over the world, and partnering up with The Wall Street Journal has been a great bonus too!" said organiser Joelle Dinnage.

"We have new talent exhibiting this year as well as some known names, some of them exhibited also with us last year, and of course there are the famous names such as Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Pure Evil and works by Takashi Marukami."


TASCHEN (Japan) will be exhibiting a World Heritage landmark, this SUMO-sized publication presents the most precious surviving murals of Tibetan Buddhist culture.  For the first time, these astonishing and intricate masterpieces can be appreciated in blazing color and life-size resolution. Signed by his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, coming with a bookstand designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect  Shigeru Ban. 

New York Gallery (Japan) Once again exhibiting master pieces by Mr Brainwash - A graffiti artist who jumped out of the street at once to the world. The work full of "positive" and "playful" is said to be "the return of Andy Warhol" and it is highly appreciated. And artist Flore - influenced by prominent artists such as Keith Haring and Basquiat, and last but not least Cyril Kongo who is a French graffiti artist born in 1969, better known under the internationally pseudonym of Kongo. A self-taught painter established himself as one of the leading figures of the French graffiti art scene.

DisQuiet Gallery (Singapore). There are elusive beasts, and they are called mental illnesses. DisQuiet, an art collective comprising 4 Singaporean artists, aims to create awareness on them. The apparent clash of artistic styles is to tell the narrative that anyone, no matter how different, can succumb to the fragility of the mind. And within each artist's collection, the pieces depict how the artist views the torment that the sufferers have to go through.

GArtGallery (Russia) is a Moscow-based gallery will be creating a special story in order to present arts in an unusual form with a new conceptual reading at the Tokyo International Art Fair.

Keiko Imaizumi (Canada) will be showing positive enlightened prints presented with LED light backing with a Japanese natural frost motive which reflects the sincerity of the nature of Japan.

Franco The Creator (UK) his creative philosophies are united by eternal values and REVIVAL of spirituality, and serve as an impetus to reconnect with a mode of life most of us have only ever heard about. This driving power that motivates Franco's search for EMOTIONAL TRUTH. He believes that color and geometry can greatly affect how we perceive this meaning. Geometry questions shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space... it almost sounds if Stephen Hawkins had an influence on his works.

Cuen Gallery (Mexico) Expect conceptual design from artist Ramon Jimenez Cardenas creating objects and sculpture pieces. His typologies and materials seen in objects are often derived from design insights seen in his hometown Oaxaca, Mexico. These insights are mostly seen in architectural structures which carry narrative and a graphic language of their own. 

Christopher Parker (USA) Ever heard of ArtLampoons? Well this is your chance to see them... Rice paper lanterns with watercolour, gouache, pen and glycerin.

WOW Art Gallery (HK) Kaya believes that art and design share an inseparable relationship with limitless possibilities. The creative process is a cycle in which people continuously transform, edit and improve the concept, where the purpose is to create creativity in the hope of achieving self-actualization.

And also watch out for EStYLE Art Gallery (Taiwan), ABU Gallery (Guinea-Bissau), Sun Gallery New York (USA).

Bogdan Mihai Radu (Bulgaria) a Romanian artist whose works spoke volumes at the entrance to the Oxford International Art Fair. On an immense scale that's immersive, Bogdan's abstracted expressionism is bold and striking, dense with mood and emotion telling a story of his life, a traumatic episode and a challenging psychological state with which Bogdan worked through in these paintings. 'I cannot live without painting,' says Bogdan, 'because it's only when I paint that I feel truly alive.' He is thrilled to have won this award, and will be exhibiting at TIAFA 2018 with pride to show his works to the Asian collectors.


AYA Gallery (Japan) Finding inspiration in nature, visualising colours, shapes and lines that feel warm and vibrant. In this exhibition, AYA deal with Japanese agricultural landscapes.

Generative Art Studio (Japan) Expect unpredictable artworks created by programming, 3DCG, MotionGraphics. Without listening to the sound, producing music... it's an experience!

Colleen Sakurai (Japan) Her artistic goal is to keep things simple. Shapes and forms that reveal and accentuate the undulating beauty of the material. 

Also keep a look out for Hiroko Saigusa (Japan), A&S Group (Japan) that have work on from Alex Einbinder and Sachiko Shigeta.

These artists are among the more than 112 showing their work at this year's fair, which takes place on May 25 and 26. The event aims to showcase both rookie and veteran artists, as well as create chances for networking and buying the art on display.

As the fair runs on two days, it will also be split into private and public viewings. First up is the private, which costs ¥1,500. That provides potential buyers with first pick of the art on offer and includes a serving of Champagne. The public viewing is free, but a lot of people are expected to show up: the inaugural Tokyo International Art Fair last year welcomed more than 10,000 guests.

Dates & Times: Friday 25th May 2018: 18.00pm - 21.00pm Including Champagne Reception, Private View and first opportunity to buy art.

Private View & Vernissage from: 1500 JPY per VIP ticket. Book online

Saturday 26th May 2018 : 11.00am - 19.00pm?Live painting, Buy Art Show, Global Art Awards Ceremony (18.00pm) FREE ENTRY

Live painting, Buy Art Show, Global Art Awards Ceremony: FREE entry 

Tickets available at

Venue: BELLESALLE Roppongi | Japan, 106-0032 Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi, 7 Chome-18-18


About Global Art Agency Ltd.
The GAA Ltd also known as the Global Art Agency presents the forth edition of the "Tokyo International Art Fair" 25-26 May 2018 hosted at Belle Salle Roppongi. 

The art fair features paintings, sculptures, photography art, illustration and multi media artworks by award-winning and top emerging artists.

Giving Art Collectors and Art Enthusiast a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy art directly from the artist that has travelled all the way to Tokyo. A unique experience for both visitors and exhibitor, at the fabulous Belle Salle in Roppongi.

Ms. Juliette Gerards – PR Agent