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Steps to Take After a Fire, and What Not to Do After a Fire


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2018 --Fires can be devastating for homeowners and business owners. Most property owners immediately want to start to clean up. However, they should contact a licensed professional to clean up the fire, smoke, and water damage caused by the fire. In this article we will discuss the dos and don'ts for homeowners after a fire.

Dos for Fire Damage Restoration

-Contact a licensed and certified restoration company in Philadelphia. Only a certified restoration company should work on cleaning and remediating the damage caused from the fire. Certified companies will take the proper and necessary steps to clean and restore the home.

-Turn off utilities. Water, electricity, gas and any other utilities should be turned off until a professional can assess them for any damage.

-Vacuum. Vacuuming the affected areas can help prevent the soot from settling. Go over upholstered furniture with a vacuum that has a brush attachment. To sit on any upholstered furniture, place a sheet over it so that soot will not be ground into the fabric.

-Address carpets, countertops, and floors. The same treatment can be done to carpets, countertops, and floors. A vacuum can be run over the affected areas to provide a superficial immediate improvement. This will also help and prevent soot from settling and grinding into affected areas such as carpets and rugs.

-Check appliances. Utilities should be turned off, so it is important to empty the freezer and refrigerator. The doors should be left open to prevent mold. Plumbing should be winterized, and the hot water heater and boiler should be drained as the lack of heat in the home can cause burst pipes.

-Care for Pets, elderly, young, and the sick. Pets, elderly, young children, and those who are sick should be removed from the home as lingering soot and smoke can be harmful to their health.

Don'ts for Fire Damage Restoration

-Use electronics, AC or heater. Electronics and HVAC units should be inspected by a professional before use. Using these items before a professional can inspect them for damage can cause more damage to the home and the equipment.

-Clean walls or clothing. Walls, Ceilings, and other similar surfaces should be left alone. Clothing and other fabrics should also not be cleaned. A professional should inspect the damaged items and provide advice on how to clean the items.

-Eat leftover food. Everything that was in the home before the fire should be thrown out. Most of the food in the home has been contaminated from the smoke, soot, or other contaminants from the fire.

-Wipe away powder from extinguishers. The residue from a fire extinguisher can stain surfaces. However, a homeowner should leave this residue and let a professional clean it up.

These are just some guidelines to follow after a fire occurs in a home. All major cleaning and remediation work should be left to licensed and certified professionals. If you've experienced a fire at your home let First Choice Restoration Be Your First Choice in fire and smoke damage cleanup. We can be reached at 1-800-370-0770 or

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