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Sterling Manufacturing Launches New Product Development Division

Injection molding leader expands R&D capabilities to serve specialized customer needs


Lancaster, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/14/2016 --Moving into 2017, Sterling Manufacturing is pleased to announce the launch of its New Product Development (NPD) division. The division will provide niche product development services to Sterling's medical, consumer and defense partners to facilitate streamlined prototyping of injection molded products.

Sterling's NPD division has developed and flourished organically in 2016 as a response to the company's tailored prototyping efforts for clients. Moving into 2017, the company will further brand and emphasize its efforts, marketing in-house, turnkey injection molding prototyping to new and existing customers.

The new division includes a dedicated development space with brand new Engel injection molding equipment. Sterling NPD will offer customized solutions including single-cavity steel and aluminum tools, family tool systems, MUD systems, laser sintered tools and ABS cores and cavities. This space and its technologies – along with a talented and dedicated staff – is intended to foster communication and collaboration between NPD and customers.

Randy Pell, a tooling expert with over 30 years' experience in product and tool design, has been appointed Sterling's Director of NPD. Randy is known for his uniquely holistic and creative approach to engineering, as well as his tenure of customer collaboration within the industry.

"NPD will utilize industry-leading technology to meet each customer's individual needs," said Pell. "The specifications of each project, timeline and budget are considered when designing an appropriate solution. Our refined approach and access to top-tier technologies sets the tone for immersive collaboration with all of our customers, no matter their industry."

Sterling's NPD division fills a gap that exists in prototype manufacturing by providing a high level of individual attention and customization. Because Sterling's core business involves high-volume manufacturing, engineers review each design with production manufacturing in mind before prototyping to ensure long-term success.

"Many prototype companies are fast and relatively inexpensive, but they don't dive into your designs and ensure optimization," says Pell. "A full DFM (Design for Manufacturability) study is conducted on every part at Sterling. Our NPD team collaborates with partners throughout the process and encourages involvement as early in the product cycle as possible. When it's time to manufacture their parts, customers often choose to be at the NPD facility, watching press-side as their parts are molded!"

Sterling will continue to expand its NPD capabilities in 2017, with special focus on serving high-demand industries – such as medical and consumer products – where OEMs often require fully functional and dimensionally accurate parts to begin the approval process, without prematurely investing in production tooling.

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